cosmetic dentistry

5 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Makes Life Better

Of late, aesthetic dentistry has been rising in recognition. The major grounds for this expansion can be credited to the spectacular changes that cosmetic dentistry can cause long after leaving the dentist’s clinic. The most evident change of cosmetic dentistry is, certainly, the aesthetics of an individual’s smile. Nonetheless, the changes do not stop there. […]

baby teeth with cavities

Cavities in Baby Teeth: To Fill or Pull?

A common question that dentists often hear from parents when they discover cavities in their children is if cavities are in baby teeth: to fill or pull. This is because baby teeth do fall out and permanent teeth substitute them. Hence, the concern of parents is logical. The response to this query actually varies depending […]

dental bonding

How Long Will Dental Bonding Last

Looking to perk up the look of your smile? Hey! Dental bonding might possibly be a great opportunity for you. What all setbacks can this method fix? The next question that pops up in your mind is how long does composite tooth bonding last? This write-up intends to walk you through dental bonding, an eye-catching […]


Is Invisalign the Perfect Fit for Your Smile

If you’re discontented with the shape of your grin you tend to hide your pearly whites. For teenagers and adults universally, few things are more annoying than being told to “say cheese” for a photo. To put it in simple words, you are upset over crooked, misaligned teeth. Even though a lot of us have […]

mouth infection

Symptoms of Mouth Infection

Mouth infections are a kind of infectivity that happens around the oral cavity. They include dental infection, dental abscess, and so on. Mouth infection usually originates from dental caries at the root of molars and premolars that reach adjacent structures. Oral infections are of various types and can have different symptoms. Let’s discuss some of […]


Top 10 Questions about Crown

Many have dental crowns to reinstate broken-down teeth. They are, to put in simple words, an exceptionally regular element in recent-day dentistry. Dentists are frequently asked a huge number of questions about crowns. Let’s put the top 10 of them into this write-up. 1. What Is a Dental Crown? A dental crown is a tooth-shaped […]


What Does Snoring Have to Do with Dental Health?

Are you snoring? Then you’re breathing with your mouth open. This consequently causes dry mouth. When your mouth is dry, the protective layer of saliva to dampen the tissues in your mouth is actually missing. A dry mouth can cause bad breath, more bacteria upsurge, infections, and sores, and tooth decay. Snoring can be frustrating. […]

tooth sensitivity

Why Tooth Sensitivity Gets Worse in Cold Weather

My teeth pain when I eat something hot or cold. Should I panic? Well, to put in simple words, when the gums recede or tooth enamel wears down, it exposes a layer of your teeth that is very responsive to temperature changes. As something too hot or too cold touches this part of your mouth, […]

misaligned teeth

8 Effects of Misaligned Teeth that You Might Not Realise

What happens if I have misaligned teeth is a question that may pop up in your mind. Crooked teeth, to put in simple words can lead to excess wear and tear on the teeth, gums, and jaw muscles, resulting in cracked teeth, temporomandibular joint disorder, jaw strain, unceasing headaches, and speech difficulties. If your teeth […]