Dental Implants Glendale

dental implant

In today’s world, having comfortable and attractive teeth can be vitally important for an individual’s personal and professional life alike. In fact, the discomfort caused by damaged teeth can have a drastic impact on an individual’s ability to work with his or her family or comfortably interact with co-workers and customers. For that reason, a growing number of individuals are turning to Smile Makeover of LA in order to obtain a durable and natural feeling replacement for their original teeth with dental implants Glendale procedure.

Dental Implants Procedure

Dental implants replace the original root of the tooth and are anchored in the jawbone, serving as a foundation on which a permanent or removable artificial tooth is placed. These teeth both look and feel identical to the patient’s original teeth, in addition to being easily replaceable if need be.

The process involved in a dental implant procedure is usually carried out over several stages. First, the implant is placed in the jawbone and is then allowed to heal and set. After the dental surgeon determines that the implant has been properly set, he or she then places the artificial tooth on the implant, where it functions like the patient’s original teeth.

In some cases, further surgical procedures may be needed. For example, patients who need to replace their teeth due to underlying bone disease or condition may have to have slivers of bone substrate grafted to their jaw by the dental implant dentist in order to provide a suitable anchor for the implant. While this procedure may add some time before the implant can be installed, it is a routine surgery that can usually be carried out on an outpatient basis.

Are Dental Implants Right For Me?

Individuals who have lost a number of teeth, or who are suffering long-term tooth or jaw conditions, should strongly consider getting a dental implant. In addition, elderly individuals, especially those starting to suffer from age-related cognitive disorders, may find dental implants far more convenient than traditional dentures.

In addition, individuals who desire to have even and white teeth should consider having dental implants Glendale procedure. Because the teeth are artificial, they are less prone to unsightly stains or chips. In addition, should a tooth be chipped, the dental implant dentist can easily replace it, requiring nothing more than a short trip to Smile Makeover of LA’s offices.

Ultimately, dental implants are the superior choice for those individuals who wish to have excellent-looking teeth that are as comfortable as their natural teeth ever was. By eliminating the danger of cavities and other tooth-based health conditions, those who have chosen to have dental implants will find that they are spending far less time worrying about their teeth and far more time enjoying them.

Dental Implants vs. Dentures

If you are missing one or more teeth, you’ll want replacements that are as natural as possible. If dentures don’t work for you, you may consider dental implants. Unlike dentures, which can be removed, implants are permanently anchored into the jaw itself. You are a good candidate for implants if you have jawbone ridges that are in good shape and healthy oral tissues. When the implant device is inserted into the jaw, a chemical and mechanical bond is formed. The jawbone actually grows into the implant.

With implants, you get a perfect fit, and they will look and feel as good as (or better than!) your original teeth.