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Where to Begin With Dental Care

The choice of the dentist can be difficult but important. You want to make sure that the dentist you choose will be able to meet your needs now and in the future. Dr. Gurgen (George) Sahakyan and Dr. Astghik (Stella) Sahakyan are dentists in Glendale CA that have built a practice designed with the patient in mind.

The standard recommendation is to have a dental check-up twice a year. Even if your teeth are well maintained with regular brushing and flossing, a regular visit to a dentist in Glendale helps to identify any possible issues before they become major problems. Typically, the earlier a problem is found, the better it can be managed. The twice a year schedule also allows for preventive treatments and cleanings that will help stop issues before they start.

Your Complete Check-up and Cleaning

During your regular visit, there are procedures to expect that will help keep your teeth healthy.

  • Cleaning you teeth professionally and thoroughly removes any plaque and tartar buildup. You can expect the dentist or hygienist to scrape any tartar and plaque deposits to clean to the enamel.
  • Polishing your teeth helps to remove stains and smooths out the surface, keeping them cleaner longer. The polish also contains fluoride to help strengthen the tooth enamel.
  • X-ray’s are taken to assess the health of the entire tooth. Being able to view below the gum line and areas that are not visible can prevent small cavities from becoming huge issues.
  • Treatment recommendations are made based on the results of the exam.

A Full Service Practice

During your search for a Glendale dentist, Smile Makeover Of LA is an excellent choice. We are a full service practice that offers the best in all areas of service. You can expect to experience a calming environment, allowing a less stressful visit. This is especially important during repair and reconstructive appointments which naturally have a higher stress attached to them. Our practice is equally experienced with cosmetic dentistryorthodontist specializing in braces and Invisalign, dental implants, and pediatric dentistry.

Knowing that your choice of dentist is important to your future oral health, being informed about your choices is also important. Needing a dentist Glendale Ca brings you to Smile Makeover Of LA as a wise choice. Our Doctors are concerned with every patient and seek to ensure that they are more than satisfied with the results from whatever work is completed. The patient is first in our business and our entire reason for being in business.

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