Holistic Dentist Glendale

Holistic Dentist Glendale

The Difference of Holistic Dentistry

The human body is made up of many interconnected parts and systems. The teeth, gums, and mouth are no exception to this. Holistic dentists hold the belief that the mouth does not function in isolation from the rest of the body, but rather as a critical part of the body as a whole.

What exactly is holistic dentistry?

Like a conventional dentist, a holistic dentist is focused on the health and well-being of patients’ teeth and gums. Unlike a conventional dentist, a dentist with a holistic outlook on dentistry takes everything going on with the patient into consideration as he or she evaluates the best route of treatment. Dentists with this integrative approach received the same schooling and training as any other dentist, but have a broader perspective when it comes to patients’ oral care protocol. A dentist who believes in this approach keeps the benefits of the entire body in mind while treating the mouth. Holistic dental care can be difficult to find, but fortunately, is offered at Smile Makeover of LA.

What should patients expect when receiving holistic dental care?

A patient under the care of a whole-body focused dentist will first find him or herself in a detailed conversation with the dentist. Some questions, like those about the dental history and oral care habits, may be expected. Other questions may seem unrelated. Topics may include inquiries about any possible chronic conditions, medicine usage, nutrition, exercise habits, and even stress levels. Though these questions may seem a bit surprising at first, they help to provide the practitioner with a good picture of the patient’s overall health and are factored into the best possible treatment route. With the body so interconnected, all of this information is valuable.

Patients can also expect their holistically-minded dentist to place extra care and consideration into the methods and materials used. Most dentists of this persuasion avoid extracting healthy teeth simply because it is a fast solution. They believe that alternative methods for making space in the mouth can be employed for preferable long term results.

Additionally, these dentists consider how materials used in dental work affect the entire body. Some traditional dental materials contain harsh chemicals that can have negative, even toxic, effects on the body. This could lead to problems down the road for the patient. Biocompatible materials are used instead.

Who is a candidate for holistic dental treatment?

Anyone who needs dental care is a prime candidate for this type of dentistry. A holistic approach to dental care is a conservative approach, making it an ideal choice for all those who are seeking dental care—whether it is for a basic checkup or an uncomfortable toothache. Patients appreciate the care and thorough treatment that the holistic approach provides.

Where can patients find holistic care?

Interested people can find a holistic dentist in Glendale. Dr. Gurgen (George) Sahakyan offers holistic dental services to patients at Smile Makeover of LA. Dr. Sahakyan has been practicing dentistry for 10 years. He provides patients with the holistic services that leave them with improved oral health all while taking their overall health into consideration. Interested patients can call to schedule an appointment today.