Dr. Sahakyan’s Tooth Friendly Diet

The next time you pay a visit to the dentist office and your favorite dentist tells you that you failed your checkup because you ate too many sweets, it might be a good idea to ask for a list of things that would be a little more tooth-friendly on your pearly whites. Society may not […]

Oral Tips for Kids

Oral Help Tips for Children Ages 0-5

Healthy Teeth Children’s teeth are interesting phenomena. They grow in, then they fall out. These chompers hold the key to chewing food, speaking properly, and paving the way for incoming adult teeth. The first years of oral health for your child are crucial because tooth decay is already possible during this time. This can lead […]

Senior Dental Care

Dental Care for Seniors – Risks and Tips

Good oral health and proper dental care are important at any age. However, the elderly often face greater challenges when it comes to caring for their teeth. Some of these challenges are due to prolonged wear and tear on the teeth over the individual’s lifespan. Other dental complications can arise because of various diseases and […]

Bioteeth Stem

Bioteeth: Clinical Use of Stem Cell Research

snake or shark tooth is replaced if it breaks or falls out. Is it plausible to grow human teeth by replicating the process? Researchers say yes. At the moment, teeth are replaced using dental implants of titanium to replace the root and set the tooth securely in the jaw. However, dental implants can get a […]

Red Wine and Teeth

Is Red Wine Bad For Your Teeth?

Common knowledge teaches that drinking a glass of red wine at dinner is good for your health. Common knowledge also once taught that the earth was flat. The polyphenols in red wine were once believed to increase HDL cholesterol and strengthen artery linings. Those findings were based on studies interpreted through the lens of the […]

Why You Need to Floss Every Day

Just as you have to brush your teeth every day to keep your teeth clean and healthy, you also have to floss every day to keep your gums healthy. Although some people may not like to floss or forget to floss, this important daily ritual is essential for overall good health. The Benefits of Flossing […]

Mouth Clean

Poor Dental Hygiene Impacts The Entire Body

It is well known that good oral health care habits help protect against tooth decay and gum disease. What you may not know is that poor oral hygiene not only leads to dental health issues, but may also negatively affects other areas of the body. When the mouth is not healthy, the same oral bacteria […]