Time to Straighten Your Teeth: 10 Health Dangers of Having an Unaligned Smile

Dealing with twisted teeth can make you feel awkward. If you have an unaligned smile, the issue is not how you look, but also what you experience. There are several other health-related problems; if you have crooked teeth. Crooked Teeth Are Bad for Your Health by Glendale Dentist Twisted teeth can also obstruct proper chewing, […]

missing tooth

Consequences of Missing Teeth

Tooth decay or traumas are major causes of tooth loss. Well, there is nothing to panic about. The good news is it can be corrected with restorative options. However, a large number of people give up going for treatment and simply survive with the loss. Don’t do this! Ignoring to substitute a tooth, could increase […]

teeth grinding

How Do I Know If I’m Grinding My Teeth?

Woke up with a headache? Are you experiencing tight jaw muscles? These are just some of the indications of you might be grinding or clenching your teeth. This is also referred to as bruxism by dentists. Our teeth help us eat, talk, and most importantly, to smile with confidence. They aren’t however, designed to be […]

wisdom tooth

Why Are Some People Born Without Wisdom Teeth?

Teeth undeniably play a significant role in our everyday lives. However, there comes a time in most of our lives, generally around the late teens or early twenties, when the third molars finally appear. Habitually, wisdom teeth deletion soon follows. However, some lucky patients, don’t have to bother about oral surgery. Either they have a […]

How Can Crooked Teeth Impact Your Health?

Crooked teeth do not only spoil your smile. Most importantly, it can critically have an effect on your health. The reality is, having crooked teeth is not just a circumstance of abridged aesthetics. Besides they are also harder to clean! A rise of bacteria and plaque in the mouth can cause cavities or tooth decay. […]


Non-Cosmetic Reasons to Consider Veneers

Dental veneers can change the way your smile looks. If truth be told, several patients select veneers exclusively for the cosmetic improvement that can provide. The stunning look is just one way state-of-the-art dental veneers can work for you. For a few patients, they can give other significant benefits as well. Non-cosmetic reasons to consider […]

black triangle

What Are Black Triangles Between Your Teeth?

Who doesn’t like a stunning smile? However, many dental problems can have an effect on your beautiful smile. Wondering what? Black triangle teeth are one of them. Having black triangle teeth, or ‘open gingival embrasures’, basically means that there are spaces between the teeth and the gum line which shows as a triangle breach between […]

white spot

What Causes White Spots on Teeth?

Worried about those tiny white spots on your teeth? Well, you aren’t alone. To put in simple words, white spots on your teeth are a type of acute discoloration identified as decalcification. Sounds a bit scary? Don’t panic! It’s in reality a familiar cosmetic dental problem. Moreover, most people will experience this at some point […]

Dental Implant Care: Before, During, And After Restoration

Dental implants substitute the roots of teeth as well as the crowns. This helps extend the life of the remaining natural teeth around them. Besides, it maintains jaw bone support. This is a very common treatment option to restore missing teeth among adults. It can also be used to help soothe a denture for comfort […]