4 Steps to Full-Mouth Reconstruction

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A flawless smile is what you wish to see when you look at yourself in the mirror. Full mouth reconstruction is habitually advised for people who have suffered disease, harsh trauma, or contamination of their oral cavity. The practice incorporates different dental treatments to reinstate a patient’s smile.

Do you feel the need for extensive dental procedures (full mouth reconstruction)? Then, it is time to schedule a consultation with the dentist. During the appointment, the Dentist Glendale, and the patient will discuss the primary concerns and goals for treatment. What would the ideal results be? How fast do they want to see changes?

The Glendale Dentist will ask questions about the patient’s dental health, medical history, and lifestyle. The patient will also answer questions about pre-existing physical problems and apprehension that may make the dental practice.

The Dentist in Glendale will carry out a complete oral, neck, and head examination to determine the level of the issue and the treatment required. They will consider the following:

  • Condition of the teeth
  • Bite alignment
  • State of the gums
  • The appearance of the teeth

It’s easier to realize full-mouth reconstruction if you already know a patient who had suffered from gum disease.

Four-Step Full-Mouth Reconstruction

To restore the look of this man’s smile, we follow a four-step full-mouth reconstruction plan:


It is important to sit for a discussion with the dentist to evaluate the condition of your smile. Subsequently, the dentist would answer your questions and help you better understand how he could transform his current dental condition into a perfect smile.

Treatment Planning

The primary step is to address oral health issues. The Glendale Dentist recommends soft tissue grafting to address the receding gum line and dental sensitivity. Decayed areas of the teeth are removed and restored with fillings and crowns.


Once the dentist realizes what treatment is needed, he will guide you with the most necessary steps to relieve pain and improve dental function.

Checkup & Maintenance

Following the achievement of the full-mouth reconstruction plan, continue to visit the dentist every six months for a checkup. Continue home care as recommended.

Best Clinic for Glendale Full-Mouth Reconstruction

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At Smile Makeover of LA, Dr. Sahakyan offers a wide variety of dental care including full-mouth reconstruction. We understand that starting an intricate treatment plan can seem traumatic. However, the better you understand your plan, the less uneasy you’ll feel.

Accordingly, we take the time to thoroughly explain every phase of your dental care. We keep updating our blogs on a regular basis, so check back to hear more about the dental treatments we offer. Call our team at 818-578-2334 if you would like to schedule an appointment.

Our dentists are committed to giving you a new healthy smile after full mouth reconstruction. Do you have more questions about the procedure? Contact our dental clinic for a consultation.
If you think you need an oral health overhaul, you’re possibly looking for a full mouth reconstruction dentist near you that’s dependable and affordable. The specialist you select can decide the achievement of your entire procedure.

We are the premiere place for full mouth reconstruction for Glendale residents, with decades of experience at every step along the way.