8 Effects of Misaligned Teeth that You Might Not Realise

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What happens if I have misaligned teeth is a question that may pop up in your mind. Crooked teeth, to put in simple words can lead to excess wear and tear on the teeth, gums, and jaw muscles, resulting in cracked teeth, temporomandibular joint disorder, jaw strain, unceasing headaches, and speech difficulties. If your teeth are crooked, they can have an effect on the way you articulate sound, causing trouble with speech.

Wondering to know how to know if your teeth are misaligned? Lost teeth/ loose teeth, Notches at the gum line, the unusual appearance of the face, intricacy or uneasiness when chewing or biting.

Can twisted teeth be a reason for health concerns?

When twisted teeth are left untreated, it can lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and rupture.

8 Effects of Misaligned Teeth that You Might Not Realise: Dentist Glendale

1. TMJ Disorder Because of Jaw Misalignment

The temporomandibular joint unites your jaw with your skull. If your upper and lower jaws are crooked, you could go through TMJ disorder. It could be headaches due to clenching your teeth, soreness, and many other generals dental health concerns.

2. Inappropriate Bite

Individuals with underbites, overbites, or gaps between their upper and lower jaws may have a problem biting appropriately. An improper bite implies you may depend on your back teeth more than you would if your front teeth were correctly aligned, which could lead to problems for the back teeth.

3. Unseemly Formation of Certain Sounds

Possibly one of the most worrying effects of crooked teeth, forming sounds like “C”, “S” and “J”. This may provoke individuals to stay away from using such things as public speaking or to have bigger apprehension during job interviews than they usually would.

4. Lower Self-Esteem

It is not true that individuals with twisted teeth have low self-esteem by any means. No matter whether your teeth are straight, crooked, or missing altogether, you can be confident. Though, straightening your teeth may heighten your self-confidence level even higher than it already is.

5. Greater Chances for Tooth Decompose and Gum Infection

To put it in simple words, the negative effects of warped teeth include a greater possibility of tooth damage. This is correct for a number of the above-mentioned reasons, counting: lack of ability to brush every surface, trouble when flossing, avoidable pressure on your back teeth, and hitting your back teeth inappropriately when chewing.

6. Challenge When Brushing and Flossing

If your teeth are not straight, certain tooth surfaces may be blocked-up by other teeth, making it almost unfeasible for your toothbrush to get to every surface. It also may be difficult for you to floss because of possibly tighter spaces between teeth. Both of these can cause yellowing of the teeth, tooth decomposing, cavities, and gingivitis, or other forms of periodontal illness.

7. Abnormal Chewing

Straight teeth help you chew properly. If your back teeth are crooked, you could be chewing on only half of a tooth or on teeth that are not as sharp as they should be. You also may be unconfident about how you look when you chomp.
Furthermore, your back teeth could probably become weaker and chip more easily as a consequence.

8. Lack of Confidence in Your Smile

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If you have misaligned teeth you generally think twice before you smile in public. At times you may squeeze your lips shut as you laugh. Well, you should be able to smile and laugh without restraint for a happier quality of life.

Glendale Misaligned Teeth

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