Are There Other Alternatives for Improving My Smile?

teeth whitening

Everyone aspires to have a beautiful smile. This is because your smile defines you; your entire personality. It speaks a lot about you and is enough to draw people toward you like a magnet. However, not everyone is born with a beautiful smile. Yet, it isn’t impossible to get one either.

Tooth whitening and bleaching are the most common dental procedures that the experts recommend. They can help improve the appearance of your teeth because they remove staining and discoloration. Besides that, these procedures can lend you a gorgeous beam too.
But again, teeth whitening and bleaching may not always be suitable for everybody. For instance, bleaching isn’t possible if you have dental fillings of the color of your teeth. Similarly, if you have crowns, caps, or bonding on the front teeth, bleaching wouldn’t help change the color of the teeth.
In this case, you may want to consider other reliable alternatives for improving your smile. Let’s look at some of them.

Procedures at Glendale for Improving Smile


Here are some of the popular alternative procedures that your dentist in Glendale may discuss with you:

  • Veneers – The dentist affix thin pieces of porcelain or plastic on the front of your teeth. It’s particularly helpful in case of excessive discoloration, chipped teeth, or misshaped teeth. Besides that, veneers can help create a beautiful smile in the long term. This is because this material is generally resistant to staining. You may discuss with your dentist at Glendale clinic the type of veneers to choose for your teeth. They generally come in two types –
  1. Porcelain or indirect veneers – In case you choose these, your Glendale dentist would need to get them made in a dental laboratory. These need to conform to the exact fit of your teeth. Besides that, you may need to visit the dental clinic at Glendale more than once. However, porcelain veneers generally last for at least 10-15 years, or even more.
  2. Composite or direct veneers – They involve enamel bonding to the teeth and can be done in a single visit itself. Most importantly, these types of veneers are relatively less costly too; however, may last for just 5-7 years.
  • Bonding – This is another popular alternative at Glendale to improve the smile most effectively. The procedure makes use of composite resin to repair chipped or broken teeth. Besides that, the experts use it for filling tooth gaps, correcting misshaped teeth, or removing tooth discoloration.
  • Your dentist at Glendale clinic would inform you of the advantages of choosing to bond. The most important is that they lend a fairly natural appearance to the teeth. For this reason, dentists prefer bonding more, over silver dental fillings. The material to go for the bonding can be chosen to match the exact tooth color.

However, the dental procedure for bonding is also quite expensive. Besides that, people who smoke regularly may find that bonding starts turning yellow shade gradually. This is because the material used for bonding is porous.

You might want to discuss with your Glendale dentist the best option to choose for improving your smile. Veneers or bonding, both work toward smile improvement; however, each has its pros and cons. Therefore, you might want to take the expert assistance of your dentist at Glendale for more on this.

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