What Is the Difference Between Whitening and Bleaching?

teeth whiteningYour smile is one of the major components, which people notice about you. If your teeth are losing color or getting yellow, you will naturally feel less confident. To put it in simple words, your teeth speak volumes about you. Many people go for whitening and bleaching of this so that they can have a nice smile.

What Is the Cause of Tooth Discoloration?

Your teeth have two layers. The outer layer is white and the inner layer is more yellow. When the outer layer breaks down, many stains and pigments form on it. Let us try to look at some of them:

  1. To begin with, if you are consuming dark-colored foods and beverages like tea, wine, and coffee; pigments will stick to your enamel. Consequently, will make your teeth lose color.
  2. If you are an active smoker and use tobacco products, you will be prone to tooth discoloration. Nicotine when comes in contact with oxygen, produces a bad color.
  3. As you get older, your enamel veers off and you tend to get a yellow tint on your teeth.

Is There a Difference Between Whitening and Bleaching?

dental hygiene

There is a very big technical difference between both terms. If you are removing stains from the surface of your teeth, it is called whitening. On the other hand, if you are whitening your teeth beyond their natural color, it is called bleaching.
Bleaching is a more chemical-oriented process. Subsequently, it tends to make your teeth look whiter. You can also end up looking more artificial because of it.

Many products in the market claim that they can brighten your teeth with the help of the ingredients that are present in the product. It is to know that all these products have the same agenda of whitening and bleaching your teeth. You must understand that if you have a good oral hygiene routine, you would never have to go for either of the two processes. You can stay natural and use all the natural whiteners that are present. If you keep on consuming a lot of water prevalent fruits and vegetables, you can have natural whiteness. Get rid of all the toxic practices that you follow.

You should stop smoking at once and not consume any products that have nicotine. It will cause a lot of harm to you and it will do things, which can’t be replaced. This is the reason why dentists also recommend you to not go for any alcohol-based medicines.

Even after doing whitening and bleaching, you can go back to square one and have yellow teeth. It all depends upon your oral hygiene. Most importantly, how you take care of yourself. This is the reason why you should have a disciplined lifestyle and should always remain hygienic so that you can have the benefit of always having white teeth.

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