The Effect of the Dental Bite on your Face Shape

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It is true that we do not have much control over the shape of our teeth and jawline. Yet, they do play a very important role in determining our facial appearance. Just like an attractive face can’t be missed, an asymmetrical jawline also comes to immediate notice. Jaw alignment or dental bite has a significant role to play in shaping our facial contour.
A normal bite or symmetrical jaw alignment lends a better facial appearance and vice versa. However, the good news is that a misaligned jawline can actually be fixed. Smile Makeover of LA dental clinic in Glendale takes care of all kinds of asymmetrical dental bites.

How Dental Bite Affects the Shape of the Face

We term abnormal dental bite as malocclusion too. While its impact on the jaw structure and shape is evident, it has several other effects too. For instance, a person’s bite affects their ability to chew food. Most importantly, if left uncorrected, it can even cause the face to grow asymmetrically.
When our teeth (either upper or lower jaw) are not in alignment with each other, it’s known as an abnormal bite. In this case, both your smile as well as the whole face can start looking different. Dr. Sahakyan, the expert dentist in Glendale can help suggest corrective measures to deal with this problem.
Misalignment in the lower teeth can lead to short teeth. This may make the distance between your nose and the chin look disproportional. Similarly, shifting teeth (when teeth move because of a lack of internal support) can result in a hollow-looking face. This happens because the lower jaw begins to lack definition, causing people to develop a weak chin. We also term this condition as collapsing bite.
It may also result in the jaw pushing forward, reducing the distance between the nose and the chin. Therefore, your face may start displaying signs of premature aging as well. Another reason that can affect the beauty of your smile is the spacing between teeth. These generally develop during the shifting of teeth. Tooth spaces can lend the appearance of a crooked or worn smile.
All these facial impacts tend to make people upset over their facial appearance. It is only natural, yet a lot of people with misaligned bites tend to suffer from an inferiority complex. This may develop at a younger age, causing psychological issues in children as they get subjected to teasing and bullying.

Corrective Measures for Imbalanced Dental Bite

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Your Glendale dentist at Smile Makeover of LA has all the necessary tools, knowledge, and expertise to correct all kinds of dental bites. Whether it’s overbite or underbite, you can expect to get an attractive facial appearance post-treatment.
Most important, thankfully the treatment doesn’t involve surgery for bite correction. It’s possible to achieve the desired result with a simpler and cost-effective technique like braces. Today people of all age groups and genders use braces. They are simple to install, and maintain, and easy on the pocket too. Braces can simply yet effectively restore the alignment of the jawline and also improve facial appearance.
Contact our dentist in Glendale who has specialized know-how in working with different kinds of dental bites. Discuss your concerns with the dentist and allow them to thoroughly check your dental bite. Depending on what suits you best, the dentist would offer you complete guidance on the kind of braces to choose from.
Remember to maintain your braces well. They need regular brushing, flossing, and routine dental check-ups to ensure that they’re in good shape. Don’t let food get dodged between braces.
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