Everyday Habits that Damage the Teeth

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To put it in simple words, there are daily habits, which if not barred, can have a long-term influence on the health of our pearly whites. Some people have a tendency to continue with these repetitive habits without knowing how certain foods and drinks and physical activities can destroy their dental health. Keep your teeth healthy by routing away from a few tooth-damaging habits.

Everyday Habits that Damage the Teeth: Dentist Glendale

Eating Sticky, Sugary Treats

Sugary snacks raise your risk of tooth deterioration. Bacteria in dental plaque feed on the sugar in your mouth to generate acid that attacks tooth enamel. Try eating candy with meals in place of as a separate snack. Our mouth makes more saliva during meals. This helps to rinse away gummy and sugary residue. You may go for sugar snacks with more healthy meal replacement bars. You can find these at local stores.

Chewing Ice

This is sugar-free and natural. When you munch on frozen, hard cubes, it can chip your teeth. If chewing ice annoys the tooth’s soft tissue that’s inside, you may have consistent toothaches. Cold and hot foods frequently trigger piercing, quick pain jabs, or even persistent toothaches. As opposed to chewing ice, you may choose to chew sugarless gum.

Drinking Soda

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Who doesn’t like sweet treats? Well, unfortunately, there are loads of sugar and acid in soda. The acids in soft drinks make the tooth enamel softer, which causes dental cavities. Drinking just one soda a day can lead to substantial harm to teeth in both adults and children. Go for sugar-free drinks otherwise freshwater.

Brushing Forcefully / Often

Well, at times despite using the right brush, it’s still possible to damage your teeth besides infuriating your gums by using it too forcefully. If you brush your teeth softly, it will break up the plaque and keep your teeth healthy too.
Brushing two times per day – in the morning and at night may be considered enough. When you brush instantly after you eat, it can also be destructive. It can wear away your tooth enamel, which has been deteriorated by the acidity that’s in what you eat and drink. It’s best to delay half an hour before you brush.

Smoking or Chewing Tobacco

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Tobacco products surge the danger of oral cancer and cause yellowing of teeth. Smoking can as well lead to gum and periodontal sickness and even decayed and lost teeth.

Biting Your Nails

This makes your nails look nasty. Besides, it can also damage your smile and teeth as well. It also can produce bad oral hygiene. Those who bite their nails usually do it all the time. Biting nails habitually can misalign your teeth. This can subsequently, cause the teeth to splinter your enamel.
These are the things that you should evade doing if you want to keep your smile perfect. Have any of these habits? Well, it’s time to stop it so that you can retrain your brain not to do it.

Alcohol Consumption

Alcoholic drinks have high sugar content. This undeniably leads to tooth decay. When choosing alcoholic beverages, dentists commend looking for one with less sugar content.

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