First Aid for Children’s Teeth and Mouth Injuries

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If your child has lost the teeth before the expected time, there is no need to go for a replacement. If a permanent tooth comes out, it is a dental emergency. It is to be noted that many dental injuries are left urgent but they require dental attention for sure. However, when it comes to dental injuries that children suffer, you should go to a dentist as soon as possible.

What Is Your Need to Do If a Baby, Toddler, or a Small Child Has Gum Injuries?

  1. You should apply pressure to the bleeding area with a piece of gauze. If your child is not very small and can follow instructions, you should tell them to do these themselves, as they are the best judge of the situation.
  2. You should also give them ice cream. Therefore, it reduces swelling.
  3. Give them medicine for pain because usually, gum injuries can cause a lot of irritation and crankiness in the children.
  4. After all, try to contact your dentist and book an appointment. If your dentist is not available, rush to the nearest hospital. Subsequently, go to the emergency ward if the situation is not under control.
  5. In case you observe an injury and if there is continued pain or a fever, you should go to a pharmacy and find medicines.

If It Is Your Child’s Permanent Tooth?

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  • It is your child’s permanent tooth and you want to go for re-implantation, collect all the features of the truth and drink your mouth with a lot of warm water and call your dentist right away and book an appointment with them as soon as possible. Re-implantation has the best outcome only when it is done at an early stage.
  • Always remember that you should hold a tooth by its edge and never the right. You can harm a lot of nerves and neighboring teeth if you handle it by the root.
  • Place the tooth in a balanced salt solution. If you do not have this, you can also place it in a container of milk or in your child’s saliva. You can also put it in a saline solution. Do not store it in tap water as it can cause harm to the teeth.
  • If your child is not a toddler and is old enough, try to put back the teeth in the socket without touching the root.
  • Always remember that you are not the dentist but you are just providing first-aid to your kid.
  • Follow this rule and always go by what the dentist says.
  • If the situation is getting worse and the color of the teeth is changing, you must know that this is a situation of emergency and you cannot handle it on your own. Go to a dentist to resolve the issue.
  • To stop bleeding, use a lot of ice and ice creams. Remember not to use any salt-based products as they will harm the gums and will cause a lot of pain to the child.

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