What Happens If You Smoke with Dental Implants?

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At Smile Makeover of LA, we understand just how personally and professionally upsetting tooth loss can be. When a person’s smile is imperfect, this can cause a lack of confidence and inferior levels of marketability on both social and professional grounds. Most importantly, there can be a noticeably lower life quality overall. This is particularly true when tooth loss is widespread. Even basic actions like talking and chewing can get problematic. Accordingly, our dentists habitually recommend patients fix these structural and functional issues with dental implant procedures. As a trusted dentistry center, The Smile Makeover of LA is dedicated to offering a variety of cutting-edge, smile restoration solutions.

Dental Implants Can Protect Against Further Tooth Loss

Dental implants are a decidedly suggested procedure for all patients undergoing local or widespread tooth loss. Their capability to mimic the utility of normal tooth roots not only preserves more of the natural bone structure but also supports lessening the facial volume loss that normally occurs when natural teeth are absent. More importantly, it averts the remaining natural teeth from drifting out of the spot, consequently preserving and balancing bite pressure. By providing successful, functional substitutes for missing teeth. These structures also limit the wear and tear that the residual teeth sustain by curtailing the amount of work they have to do.

Understanding The Effect of Smoking on Dental Implants

Smoking is a predominant behavior in the population. Well, to be a candidate for dental implant surgery, patients should be in good health. Besides they should not have any conditions that may disturb their ability to heal correctly. What many people may not understand is that smoking can also muddle the healing process. More precisely, smoking can make good oral hygiene hard to sustain. This may upsurge the hazard of infection, slow the curing process, and even deteriorate bone structure. Hence, avoiding smoking before and particularly after undertaking dental implant treatment is vital for enduring success.

A study has revealed that smokers are at a higher danger of dental implant failure compared to those who do not smoke. One study, in particular, showed that the failure rate of those who smoked was 15.8%, while the rate for those who avoided smoking was only 1.4%. This proves that if you have dental implants, it’s in your best interest to give up smoking to confirm the investment you make in your teeth and oral health is worth it.
Smoking surges your hazard of gum disease which may distress the bones in your mouth, making it tougher for an implant to effectively fit in the bone.

Smoking Can Cause Dental Implants to Fail: Glendale Dentist

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If you’ve just gotten a dental implant, the dentist would recommend you not to smoke as it increases the risk of dental implant failure. Besides smokers have numerous extra challenges in caring for dental implants. Hence correct maintenance is important to get a smile you’ll love. Wondering how smoking disturbs dental implants? Well, this is because of the damaging effect of nicotine, tobacco, and smoke. Not every smoker’s dental implant surgery will be a success; if they cannot quit smoking.

Giving up smoking isn’t just an imperative step when working with a cosmetic dentist. It’s also key for encouraging and shielding your overall oral health, and your general health. At Smile Makeover of LA, you’ll always get an all-inclusive, end-to-end solution that’s designed to create stable, stunning, and truly long-lasting results.

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