Secrets of a Young Smile from the Glendale Dentist

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Smiling is perhaps the first thing that says a lot about you. Your smile is the major attraction of your personality. It is only natural to take good care of it just as you do of your body. A younger and healthier smile is what can draw people’s attention toward you. In addition, to achieve one, you need professional and expert help from the dentist in Glendale.
Dr. Sahakyan, one of the best in the region, reveals 5 secrets to maintaining a young smile. Let’s unravel them together.

Top 5 Secrets to Flaunting a Young Smile


Growing old is a natural process. Of course, it’s difficult to accept for some people, which is reflected in the growing trend of anti-aging products. While the process is costlier, it may also have some undesirable effects on the skin. Therefore, a Smile Makeover of LA recommends taking care of your teeth. It’s a relatively cost-effective and simpler technique to look younger for longer.
This is how you can get a beautiful young smile at Glendale dental clinic:

  1. Work on your oral hygiene – More often than not, we’re worried about our skin more when we start aging. Instead, just a little attention on your teeth can go a long way in keeping you looking younger. Brush and floss at least twice a day (morning and night). Besides that, visit your Glendale dentist once every six months. They would check for any dental issues that may have started surfacing. A little guidance can prevent a major disaster. This could include gum recession, staining, and premature loss of teeth. Taking care of what you eat is equally important; keep the sugar intake low.
  2. Professional teeth whitening can help– When we talk of a young, healthy, and beautiful smile, the image of sparkling white teeth flashes before the eyes. A lot of this can be achieved by taking your oral hygiene seriously (point 1). Yet, professional help would definitely do more good to get there faster. You may speak to your expert dentist at Glendale dental clinic to walk you through professional teeth-whitening methods. It essentially involves stain removal from teeth, which happens normally with aging. Most important, staining can be more if you smoke or drink too much coffee. Whitening can take care of this.
  3. Consider adult orthodontic treatment – If you’ve always thought that braces and teeth-straightening are only for teenage years, time to rethink. Adult orthodontic treatments are fast gaining popularity and are offered at the Glendale dentist’s office. As people become more aware of the way they look (more appropriately, smile), they’re opting for such choices. Speak to your dental expert at Glendale on how to get a young smile at Glendale’s dentist’s office.
  4. Drink adequate water – Staying hydrated is yet another secret to younger-looking, healthier teeth. Not just drinking, it’s also a good idea to rinse your mouth with water after consuming food. It would help offset the effects of whatever you eat or drink, preventing staining, food dodging, or plaque buildup.
  5. Keep bad breath at bay – Your breath says a lot about you, more than you could imagine. Take particular care of the way your breath smells when you come in contact with people. And one of the best ways to get a fresh, pleasant-smelling breath is, no not mouth fresheners, but mouthwash!


Looking young is not just about using anti-aging cosmetics; it’s a lot about tooth care. Get in touch with Dr. Sahakyan at 1-818-578-2324 today to know more about how healthier teeth can contribute to looking younger and more beautiful always.