How Stress Affects Oral Health

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Anxiety, to put it in simple words, is a familiar cause of health problems, and your oral health is no exception. Stress may lead to dry mouth, teeth grinding, gum disease, and canker sores. These may also have an influence on your oral health practice and diet—mounting your risk of tooth decay.

Stress Can Have an Effect on Your Oral Health in Multiple Ways: Dentist Glendale

Jaw issues or chewing muscles can lead to pain around the ear or face.
Teeth grinding can happen during the day, especially when you’re concentrating, or at night while you sleep. Teeth Grinding can cause damage to your teeth and enamel besides headaches and soreness in the jaw. As grinding often occurs during the night you may not be aware of it.

Cracked teeth are habitually the result of teeth grinding. Fractured teeth can lead to pain requiring complex, pricey treatment to fix.
Poor oral hygiene because of a lack of good brushing and flossing is common. If you overlook keeping up with your dental hygiene, you can wind up with tooth decomposition and gum disease.

Cold sores caused by the herpes simplex virus HSV-1 are time and again elicited by dental treatment, anxiety, and sunlight. Canker sores are not dangerous but can be hurting. They will generally head off on their own within 1-2 weeks.
Oral infections may show up as ulcers, or white or red spots. These can happen because of stress.

Decreased immune reaction, due to stress, which can lead to gum disease.

Retaining Your Oral Health When Stressed Is Essential

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Learning how to decrease anxiety helps you live a healthier life largely. Here are a few ways: spot what stresses you; prioritize your responsibilities at home and work; go for at least 7 to 8 hours of peaceful sleep every night; exercise—every day if feasible. Talk about your problems with someone you trust. Look for professional counseling if you find it difficult to deal with the stress in your life.

Stress is unavoidable in life. We can only manage it to guard ourselves against its destructive effects on our health. If you experience that you have one of the dental conditions mentioned above, consider visiting Dr. Sahakyan. At Smile Makeover of LA, we provide dental care services that can help you maintain your oral health while under stress.

Professional dental care should always be one of our major priorities. Missing appointments for dental checkups may mean a greater risk of cavities, periodontal contamination, and more serious problems in the future.

Everyone experiences strain, however; your overall health and oral health can be affected if anxiety is intense or consistent. If you’re feeling stressed out, speak to a dental professional for assistance. They will help you to overcome or manage the challenges you face.
A reputed dentist knows how nervous tension affects your oral health. Seeing your dentist habitually would help you deal with and increase your oral practice during stressful periods.

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For more details, you may get in touch with us or schedule an appointment with us. Our dentist can propose specific treatments based on your symptoms. Let our Dentist in Glendale take care of your dental health because, in the end, your health has always been and always will be your greatest wealth. Have your teeth and gums been evaluated regularly by Dr. Sahakyan? Early detection of oral health concerns can save your gums, teeth, and jaws from the enduring effects of trauma.