How to Treat Infected Gums

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Gum infection can be dangerous if left ignored and untreated. It is mainly caused by flora bacteria commonly found in our mouths. Utter negligence and bad oral hygiene, damage our gums and cause infection. Now, at earlier stages, we can opt for home remedies and get rid of the disease. If the infection becomes severe, then you need to visit a professional dentist for curing the infection. If you have a gum infection, then visit us at Smile Makeover of L.A. to consult our dentist in Glendale.
Bleeding while brushing can be one of the common symptoms of gum disease. Furthermore, the disease causes redness, inflammation, and fall of teeth.

Symptoms of Gum Diseases:

1. Bad Breath

If it does not smell good while you breathe you have gum disease. In that case, you need to heal it quickly.

2. Inflammation, Redness

At an early stage, the infection starts with inflamed gums. The infected area becomes red and it is painful also.

3. Unnecessary Bleeding

As pointed out earlier, if blood comes out of your gums while you brush your teeth, then also, you have a gum infection.

4. Sudden Tooth Fall and Gap Between Teeth

If you have a gum infection, your teeth suddenly fall, or the space between teeth increases.
Though gum diseases can be dangerous for oral and general health, one must not worry and visit a dentist for consulting his or her issues. There can be a number of treatments that fix dental disorders.

How to Treat Infected Gums

  • Gum and Teeth Cleaning at the Clinic

For healing and better result, the patient must visit a dentist at earliest as possible. There, the dentist would thoroughly check the condition of the gum lines and teeth and medically clean the infected area. This, however, depends on the stage of the infection. This treatment is only possible if the infection is not that severe.

  • Flap Surgery

Here, the dentists remove the tartar from the gums by means of surgery. They conduct this process if the condition is harsh.

  • Antibiotics

Dentists can prescribe antibiotic medicines to patients. They can either inject the medicine into the gums or the patients can have them in form of tablets.

  • Scaling and Planning to the Root

Here dentists clean plaque and tartar till they reach the bottom of the pocket. It is a deep cleaning process. After they are done with this, they start the process of planning and smoothing the teeth roots to restore the gums and attach them to the teeth properly.

Besides, there are a few basic things that we must follow to avoid complications.

  • Clean Our Teeth Regularly

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We must clean our teeth with quality toothpaste twice a day. We can use mouthwash also to maintain a healthy oral system.

  • Use Floss

We use floss to remove food particles from the area that we cannot clean with a toothbrush.

  • Use Warm Water with Salt

At times, it’s better, if we clean our oral system with warm salt water instead of using mouthwashes that contain harmful chemicals.

  • Visit Our Dentists Regularly

Unlike other health issues, we often remain idle and do not visit a clinic to consult a dentist. Because of this, dental conditions become worse.
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To Conclude With:

Like any health issue, if we take our dental problems seriously and consult a professional dentist on time, then we can lead a healthy life.