holiday teeth

Is Your Smile Holiday-Ready? Consider Cosmetics for a Boost!

Having a smile, you’re delighted to show off can make a great difference in your self-esteem. If you have tints, cracks, or other inadequacies in your smile for a long time, you avoid smiling or taking pictures with friends and families just because of your teeth! This holiday season, we give you a chance to […]

protect your dental implant from infection

4 Easy Ways to Protect Your Dental Implant from Infection

To stay fit and strong we should not only take care of our bodies but must maintain excellent dental health as well. We all face oral health issues irrespective of our age. Mainly utter negligence, unfamiliarity, etc. cause such issues. There can be an end number of issues like broken teeth, misaligned teeth, teeth infection, […]

Grinding and Clenching

The words ‘Grinding’ and ‘Clenching’ may sound funny and fancy but these are common orthodontic habits that can cause severe dental issues. Together we call these habits ‘bruxism’. Mostly, we grind or clench our teeth unconsciously at the time of sleeping or we are in deep thoughts. A lot of us have these habits but […]

white teeth

How Often Should I Whiten My Teeth?

We all feel awkward about the color of our teeth. Often, our teeth can lose their whiteness because of discoloration from the types of foods we eat or drinks we consume. Besides, our teeth can also get colorless from aging. Willing to brighten up your smile? Consider one of the most well-liked cosmetic solutions: teeth […]

tooth in a day

Teeth in a Day

If you have severe gum disease, cavitie,s etc, you don’t have to settle for denture,s etc. At Smile Makeover of LA, our dental team makes it possible to have all of your teeth substituted – in a single day. Teeth in a Day, dental implants give the look, steadines,s and function of natural teeth. You […]

dry mouth

The Negative Effects of Dry Mouth on Your Teeth

Saliva plays an unexpectedly important role in shielding your teeth. When you eat and drink, food particles and sugars stay back in the mouth. The bacteria in your mouth feed on these elements and release acids, which erode at your teeth over time. Saliva supports washing food elements and sugars away, keeping bacteria at bay. […]

wisdom teeth

Wisdom Teeth Removal for Children

Wisdom teeth are four permanent teeth situated on the top, bottom, and back corners of your mouth. They start forming around a child’s 10th birthday. However, for most, it comes between 15 and 25 years of age. Dentists recommend that children between 16 and 19 steadily have their wisdom teeth assessed to see if they […]

dental crowns

Why Would I Need a Dental Crown?

From making the appearance of your smile better to shielding teeth that are cracked and saving harshly injured teeth, dental crowns serve many purposes. So, the professional dental team at Smile Makeover of LA in Glendale has curated this guide to help you understand dental crowns in a better way. What Are Dental Crowns? Dental […]

dental implants

5 Habits that Can Cause Damage to Your Dental Implants

Have you decided to substitute your missing teeth with dental implants? That’s great! You are to put in simple words, making an outstanding investment since they closely replicate your real teeth. Not to mention, they are the most dependable choice to treat tooth loss. This is because they have over a 95% achievement percentage. Even […]