What to Do If a Crown Falls Out

Dental disorders are common and have become part of our lives. With the advancement of technologies and medical progress, we have an end number of solutions to dental issues as well. To proceed further, if you are suffering from a missing tooth or teeth or badly damaged teeth, a dental implant is there to replace […]


Can You Get Your Teeth Cleaned While Wearing Braces?

Dental braces are not new to us. These are extremely popular tools that help us to have perfectly shaped teeth. Whether you have crooked teeth, a gap between teeth or you have misaligned teeth, braces fix these all. Braces not only correct the structure of our teeth and make our smile more pleasant, but they […]

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How to Prevent Tooth Extraction – Dental Procedures to Save Teeth

Teeth are very important parts of our body. They enhance our looks, affect our smiles, and improve our overall personality. Now, these are all cosmetic elements. Teeth are also important for maintaining good dental health and can affect our general health as well. For example, permanent, natural, and healthy teeth help to chew food properly. […]

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How Much Tooth Is Needed for a Dental Crown?

Do you have badly damaged teeth? Or, do you have a missing tooth or teeth? If your answer is a ‘Yes’ to these questions, you can opt for dental implants to restore your teeth. This is mostly a surgical process as most dentists would recommend a patient go for a complete implant treatment for restoring […]

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The Right Questions to Ask Before Dental Implant Surgery

Over the years we have seen how dentistry has advanced and achieved great heights. Today, we are lucky enough to receive dental treatments that were not there in the earlier days. But, despite having modern treatment facilities, and quality dental products available in the market, we still are not being fully able to avoid dental […]


What You Need to Know About Lingual Braces

Dental braces have become extremely popular over the years. These are tools used for restructuring teeth and are mainly used to straighten them. Braces also are useful in reducing minor gaps between teeth. Moreover, braces are widely used and trusted. These are useful both for kids and adults and can fix complex teeth alignment issues. […]

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Why Straighten Your Teeth

If you cannot present yourselves well, 100% chances are there that you will face difficulties in your life in achieving great heights. A good personality always puts you ahead of others who do not have the same. No matter how good you are in certain fields, and especially in the corporate sector if you cannot […]

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Your Dental Implants Can Last a Lifetime with These 5 Tips

Dental implants are the most popular dental restoration technique in the world of modern dentistry. Here, a missing tooth or teeth get replaced by artificial teeth to improve both cosmetic looks and overall oral health. Teeth implants are widely practiced and have a great success rate. For Glendale Implant treatment, connect us at Smile Makeover […]

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5 Tooth Enamel Erosion Tips to Save Your Teeth

Tooth enamel is the firmest substance in the body and forms the white surface of the teeth. The external layer of the tooth needs to be strong. This is because of the acidic foods and drinks that we consume. The tooth enamel, however, wears down if you do not guard your teeth with good oral […]