Restylane® Glendale

Restylane®, available at our dental practice , is a non-animal-based, hyaluronic acid cosmetic filler. Restylane® is used to fill fine to moderate facial lines and wrinkles, and can be injected into the lips to give them a full and sexy appearance.

Dr  Sahakyan uses mainly for dental therapeutic  purposes: Whenever  he observes facial asymmetry  combined  with other treatments.

Restylane® is a clear gel that comes in pre-measured syringes. Because the main component in Restylane®, hyaluronic acid, occurs naturally in the body, no allergy test is required prior to the procedure. Restylane® is a dermal filler that attracts and absorbs the body’s natural moisture, so it lasts longer than other injectables; patients find that touchup treatments aren’t needed for as long as 9 to 12 months, on average.

Common side effects of Restylane® injections are similar to those experienced with other cosmetic fillers, and include redness, tenderness, and swelling at the injection site. However, these symptoms should subside within 24 to 48 hours following the procedure and generally don’t hinder patients from returning to their normal routines immediately.

Dr. George will numb the targeted area before injecting Restylane® gel. Although receiving Restylane® injections isn’t painful, numbing the area to be treated ensures that patients will remain comfortable. The procedure takes anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour, and results are immediate.

A more youthful-looking face, free of lines and wrinkles, and full, supple lips are just around the corner with Restylane® injections available in the West Hollywood area.