Dental Implants La Crescenta


dental implantThere are few treatments more dependent on for replacing teeth than dental implants.  They are the preferred solution for restoring lost or extracted teeth.  Patients prefer them over other alternatives such as bridges because they require no alterations to existing teeth.

Based in La Crescenta, Dr. Sahakyan implements a dental implant process that treats patients over the course of a few months.  The implant is applied after a screw has been inserted into the jawbone.  The doctor will ensure that the incision process is safe and performed in the most secure and comfortable conditions.  There are general anesthesia or sedation options for this process as well.

After the dental implants have been placed, the gums will be sutured. Dental implants will heal in a span of a few months.  The jaw bone will begin to grow around the implant during the phase known as ‘osseointegration’. During the healing period, temporary crowns will be used to allow for regular eating and speech functions as well as to maintain appearance.

Eventually, the dental implant will be healed and secured in the jawbone. The next step is to place an abutment on the implant.  This serves as the base for the final cosmetic crown restoration. Once the abutment is secured in place, the crowns will be applied to conclude the final permanent restoration of the tooth. You can enjoy a smile that is a significant improvement in cosmetic appearance, function, and well-being.