Teeth Whitening La Cañada Flintridge

teeth whiteningMaintaining white teeth can be difficult, especially since drinking coffee, wine, smoking, or other foods can create permanent changes in teeth color.  We consume numerous foods that can stain our teeth every day.  Even with the proper cleaning and brushing practices, teeth color can be difficult to improve.

Teeth whitening presents a professional option for enhancing the color of your teeth and making them whiter to the level you desire.  This popular cosmetic treatment has been provided to countless patients, who have seen the difference-making results it can bring. In-office teeth whitening uses a tray system.

The tray system is accomplished in two steps.  During the first step, an impression of your teeth is developed.  This impression allows La Cañada Flintridge teeth whitening dentist Dr. Sahakyan to formulate a unique treatment plan that will specifically benefit you.  The custom whitening trays can be used repeatedly to maintain a white smile.

When performed by an experienced and capable dentist, teeth whitening can enhance a smile by up to 4-8 shades.  Please contact us today to schedule your appointment and see