dental implant importance

10 Facts You Need to Know About Dental Implants

There are many patients in our community with missing teeth. This is a problem that can affect you both physically and emotionally. People with missing teeth cannot smile with confidence and often struggle to eat. There is a solution to all these problems: dental implants. Dental implants have become a great device to help patients […]


TMJ Glendale Disorder and Disease Treatment

TMJ Disease Cure And Treatment Glendale offer a comprehensive analysis of TMJ. TMJ is one of the complex mechanisms of the human body. This is the only pair joint, which should work symmetrically. The temporomandibular joint – TMJ – is located at the junction of the lower jaw and temporal bones of the skull. Between […]

CBCT Scan for dental implant

Cone Beam CT Dental Scan Glendale

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is a relatively new technology to dentistry. CBCT is a 3D imaging technology, which has been specially developed for imaging of the jaws and teeth. Glendale dentist, Dr. Sahakyan, has chosen a system with a very low radiation output. A cone beam CT scan employs at least 10 times less […]

The Sinus Lift with Bone Graft

Sinus Lift Glendale

The Glendale sinus lift surgery is one of the main methods of increasing the volume of bone tissue and is used in dental implantation cases. Dentistry today offers a variety of techniques to solve the problem of restoring the dentition with implants. The sine-lifting makes it possible to use implants of a longer length, due […]

Soft Tissue Gingivectomy Glendale

Soft Tissue Gingivectomy Glendale

A gingivectomy is usually performed when a patient has a severe gum disease that cannot be cured with antibiotics or scaling and root planing. Gingivectomy is used to remove and reshape loose, diseased gum tissue to get rid of pockets between the teeth and gums. The best dentist in Glendale, who has great experience in […]

Dental Composite Fillings Natural Look and Durability

Dental Composite Fillings in Glendale

Composite fillings are widely used today.  These materials could provide not only a durable but also a highly aesthetic result of treatment. Composite fillings are used to repair teeth affected by cracks, decay damaged, and fractures. If you have any of those conditions, please contact the best dentist in Glendale, Dr. Sahakyan’s office to prevent […]

Root Canal

Root Canal Glendale: Why and How?

Root canal Glendale treatment is the only way to preserve and restore a severely damaged or infected tooth. Actually, about half of the patients need root canal treatment of one or several teeth. You will learn what is a root canal, why and how root canal procedure is performed. If you are in pain now […]

Dental Sedation Types

Dental Sedation Types in Glendale: Inhaled (Nitrous Oxide), Oral, IV (Intravenous)

What is Dental Sedation? In modern dentistry, it became possible to treat teeth without feeling pain at all, and sometimes even receiving positive emotions. Sedative dentistry has emerged numerous ways to use for different patient ages. Sedation is immersing in a state that looks like a nap, a dream, while the person feels relaxed and […]

Alternative Periodontal Treatments

Dentist Glendale’s Alternative Periodontal Treatments: Laser, Arestin

Studies show that 47.2 percent American adults have gum disease. The reasons for gum disease lie in the insufficient care of the oral cavity. Infection affects the gums, resulting in the formation of such diseases as gingivitis, stomatitis, periodontitis. Dr. Sahakyan dentist Glendale, provides top level alternative periodontal treatment for those and other gum diseases. Call […]