The Best Dental Implant Materials and Companies

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Dental implantation is the perfect method of restoring lost teeth. Only dental implants allow you to return the functionality of the tooth completely, including the root, without involving the adjacent teeth.

What Materials Are Best?

Dental implant materials should be biocompatible and stable to both fracture and corrosion. They should not cause toxic and allergic effects on human tissues and organs They must reveal adequate strength and toughness. The design of the implant needs to be suitable for its physical properties

The main types of dental implant materials used in making dental implants are:

1. Traditional Titanium Implants

Titanium and titanium alloys are largely used for the fabrication of dental implants. Titanium dental implant has very good plasticity, while quite strong and durable. Titanium itself has a tendency to grind during surgery. Therefore various impurities are added to the composition of the dental implants.
Positive properties of titanium and its alloys:

  • The surface of titanium has good corrosion resistance.
  • Titanium is particularly durable and light enough.
  • Titanium alloy is a biocompatible material.

2. Zirconia Dental Implants

Zirconia dental implants are a modern material that is actively used in the manufacture of orthodontic structures. It is considered the most promising future of dental implant materials.
Zirconia dental implant materials saw full abutment uses in the early 1990s. Zirconia implants are effectively used in cases of allergic reactions of the patient to titanium or pain during implantation.
Zirconia implants are white and not visible under the crown of the tooth. Their shade has the maximum similarity with natural teeth.

5 Best Dental Implant Companies in the USA

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To date, the 5 best dental implant companies of dental implants can be distinguished. They have earned a reputation as an honest and reliable supplier of the quality of their products. These companies are:

  • Nobel Biocare,
  • Dentsply Sirona ( previously Astra),
  • Straumann,
  • Zimmer,
  • Biohorizons.

Nobel Biocare Implants

Modern dentistry is constantly offering new ways of dental prosthetics. World-famous companies are almost continuously developing techniques that can completely restore dentition. One of the recognized leaders in its industry is the Nobel company, whose products are in demand all over the world. The best dentist at Smile Makeover of LA, in his work, uses different types of Nobel Biocare implants, allowing not only to replace the missing dental unit but also to eliminate a number of dental problems.

Benefits of Nobel Biocare implants:

  • The installation of Nobel Biocare implants does not require an increase in bone tissue since for a successful surgery, its minimum volume is sufficient.
  • Features of the design of the implant allow you to easily install it in the jaw bone, and, without a serious injury.
  • The upper part of the product is made in the form of a triangle, which greatly contributes to the reliable fixation of the whole structure.
  • The crown should be installed immediately after implantation, on the same day.
  • The surface of the pin is an excellent imitation of bone tissue, in connection with which its splicing occurs as quickly as possible.
  • All products of the Nobel company are reliably protected from fakes, due to the fact that each implant has its own identification number.
  • Orthodontic constructions from the company “Nobel” are covered with a special material – TIUnite, thanks to which the percentage of foreign body rejection is extremely minimal,

Dentsply Sirona ( previously Astra) Implants

Dentsply Sirona, ( previously Astra) Implant System is available for all indications. It has been clinically documented to absolutely affect marginal bone maintenance. Astra Tech Implants maintains its implant systems with a lifetime guarantee.

Benefits and Features:

  •  Made of titanium of the highest class, which has excellent biochemical properties;
  • OsseoSpeed modified surface, which accelerates the process of Osseointegration;
  •  The connection of the implant with the abutment Conical Seal Design is located below the level of the gums, which allows you to distribute the chewing load more;
  •  Minimal tissue injury during the installation process.


Straumann’s dental implant system was founded in 1954. It is perhaps the most reliable and best dental implant company in the world.
Straumann is the only company in the industry that has solutions for restorative, surgical, and regenerative products, like implants, tissue restoration products, and more.

Straumann dental implant system guarantees maximum quality and uses the most innovative technologies in its work. Dental implants Straumann, assessing both the reliability of products and the modernity of technology. Many years of research have provided Straumann with the best positions in the world market.


  • The high quality and wide popularity of Straumann dental implants are due to such features of the products:
  • The rough surface of the implants improves osseointegration and shortens the implantation period;
  • The shape of the products as close as possible to the alveoli of the dental root;
  • Full compliance with international standards of dental implantation;
  • High biocompatibility of products is achieved through the use of high-quality titanium for their manufacture;
  • Improved technologies made it possible to introduce implants to patients who have a number of relatives
  • Contraindications for the implementation of this procedure;
  • After implantation, the patient receives a lifetime guarantee of strength and quality;
  • Short-term rehabilitation after the introduction of implants;
  • A wide range of finished products, allows the dentist to individually select a suitable design.


The American company Zimmer for many years specializes in the production of implants for joints. In order for the fixation of the hip implant to be reliable even in the most difficult cases, the company’s specialists have created special trabecular implants.

After a huge number of successful surgeries, the technology was used in dental implants and was recognized as a breakthrough in the field of dental prosthetics.

Benefits of Zimmer Dental Implants:

  • higher biocompatibility level;
  • absolute non-allergenic;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • 100% survivability;
  • ideal implantation into the bone tissue “without consequences”;
  • active work at the molecular level: tantalum forms a structure that allows bone tissue and vessels to grow as quickly as possible.

A Zimmer implant is a spongy structure. These implants replicate the structural composition of the jawbone and quickly fuse with the bone. The body does not try to reject them, as an alien element.


BioHorizons Implant Systems was founded in 1994 in the USA and, after three years of stubborn clinical research, launched the first implants under the BioHorizons brand. Today, BioHorizons implants are considered a highly respected and sought-after brand.

Benefits of BioHorizons Implants:

dental implant

  • high strength – the structures are made of titanium alloy and can withstand heavy loads, therefore they can easily replace chewing teeth;
  • tight fit – the BioHorizons abutment is firmly fixed thanks to a screw created using the Spiral Lock system – a micro thread that eliminates cavities and the proliferation of bacteria in it;
  • a high rate of osseointegration – implants quickly take root with the lowest probability of rejection;
  • no need to build bones: Biohorizon can be put on thin bones due to the special shape of the thread.

BioHorizons uses innovation and science to create unique dental implant products with proven esthetic results. BioHorizons dental implants are biocompatible, strong, lightweight, and made from titanium. Titanium is the most widely used material in implant dentistry. BioHorizons dental implants are clinically proven by some of the most in-depth research in the industry. These dental implants carry a lifetime warranty.

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