Three Common Types of Dental Bone Graft Surgeries

teeth enamelThe concept of bone grafting has been on the market for decades. The aim was to create a very stable base for the dentures. In today’s time, dentists use synthetic bone other than human bone to fill the socket. It has become more simplified and easy for patients to understand.

Are Bone Grafts Really Necessary for Implants?

Whenever you lose a tooth, the underlying bone no longer receives the pressure that stimulates natural bone growth. Over time, this bone is resorbed in part. This entire process might take a very long time. This is the reason why some patients go for bone grafting and some don’t. Not all bone grafting surgeries are of the same type.

Three Basic Types of Bone Grafts Are Available:

dental implant

  1. The first one is the basic socket graft. This is performed right after the truth is that extracted to preserve the alveolar ridge. In today’s time, dentists use synthetic bone other than human bone to fill the socket. It totally looks like a human bone. The body eventually adjusts to this and it acts like a human bone only. Dental experts commonly use this in surgery and are readily available. It has a well-documented success rate and heals small defects by itself.
  2. The second method is the block bone grafting method. In this method, the dentist uses a human bone that they take from the patient’s lower jaw. It is also taken out of where the wisdom teeth were once located. These are performed when the first method is not applicable. It works in a similar way but it is the second option for everyone. Moreover, it is done with your own bone-forming cells and heals the defect eventually. It can also cure larger defects by itself.
  3. The last method is the Sinus Lift Graft. There are many times when the sinus cavity is very close to the upper jaw bone where the implant actually needs to go. This is the time when people go for this kind of bone grafting. This is usually done for the upper jaw. The surgeon will expose the room where the tooth was actually present. The dentist creates a small window in the bone to elevate the sinus. You can experience swelling and phones for a few days after this grafting. They can also be a little bit of bleeding. Try to stay calm and take care of yourself during this time. You just need to give it a little time to heal on its own and let the professionals do their job.
    It is also important to know that many people have the option to go for bone grafting. However, in many cases, it is not an option. In this case, the patient must evaluate all their options and then go for the best kind of grafting.

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