Sport Mouthguard

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Your teeth are the most valuable asset of your body. You need to protect them at all costs, whether from decay or physical injury. People who indulge in physical sports need to be extra careful with safeguarding their teeth during play. This is because their face and mouth area are always at risk of being hit, accidentally or otherwise.

For this reason, the dentist at Glendale recommends always wearing a sports mouthguard before indulging in any sort of physical play. Here’s all about why you need one and how it can help.

What Is a Sports Mouthguard?

For sports mouthguards, the other names are sports guards, mouth guards, and mouth protectors. You may find the same device by different names and brands in the market. In case of doubt, you can consult your dentist on any specific one that would be best for your requirements.
It’s essentially a safety device that you should wear over your teeth to protect them from hard blows on the face/mouth area. Some devices cover the full face, and head as well, and can be commonly seen worn by cricketers. The dentists recommend Mouthguards, in particular to athletes or anyone else participating in a physical sport.

If you’re likely to fall or have body contact with another player like accidental hitting/bumping, a mouthguard can help. It’s particularly helpful to sportspersons, skateboarders, gymnasts, and mountain bikers – basically anything that puts you at risk of mouth injury.

Types of Sports Mouthguards at Glendale Clinic


It’d be best to seek advice from your dentist in the Glendale office on the specific type of mouthguard for use. This is because a wide variety of guards are available; you may want to pick the one best for your need.

Here are some of the most popular types of sports mouthguards that the dentists at Smile Makeover of LA clinic recommended.

  • Custom-made – These can be designed at your Glendale dentist’s office to suit your requirement. Most important, because they’re tailor-made to your fit, they’d offer the maximum comfort and protection. However, they may cost you slightly more as well.
  • Boil and bite mouth guards – They come pre-formed but can be modified to suit individual needs. You can do this by boiling the mouth guard in water and then biting into the warm plastic. This lends a perfectly customized fit to the person wearing it. You can easily purchase such mouthguards from your dentist in Glendale.
  • Stock mouthguards –These are the most affordable Glendale sport mouthguard options available. They come in pre-formed shapes and are ready to wear too. However, they may sometimes not fit that well because of being pre-formed; you may consult your dentist on possible alteration options.

How Long Do Sports Mouthguards Last?

The Glendale dentist recommends replacing mouthguards ideally after each season because of regular wearing down over time. This reduces their effectiveness at the mouth and dental protection. Besides that, adolescents must particularly replace their mouthguards because their mouth and teeth continue to develop into adulthood. As such, the fit might keep changing as well.

Why Choose Us?

Your dentist might recommend getting a new mouthguard at your regular six-monthly dental checkup at Glendale. Don’t forget to ask them if you need to replace them. For any queries on sports mouthguards and whether you need one, consult Dr. Sahakyan at Smile Makeover of LA. Call 818-578-2334 to book an appointment or visit the clinic for consultation on the best option in your case.

Remember to play safe and enjoy the game without causing injury to your beautiful teeth.