Can Baby Teeth Erode?

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Baby teeth aren’t designed to stay with you all through life. Most people think this way. It should not matter if a child gets a cavity or suffers from tooth erosion. But this is not right. It’s important to keep your child’s teeth healthy since childhood! Dentists recommend you start brushing your child’s teeth the moment the first one erupts. Tooth decay, to put it in simple words, can affect everyone. It is hence important to exercise good oral health to put off any long-lasting problems.

Dental Erosion in Children

Tooth enamel is the basic shield of your teeth that protects your teeth from plaque and cavities. However, it can still be eroded regardless of how strong it is. This can leave a child’s teeth vulnerable to tooth decomposition, cavities, and even gum infection.

Tooth Erosion: Reasons by Dentist Glendale

Tooth erosion happens when acids damage the layers of enamel on a tooth. This erosion can lead to lasting harm and discoloration to the tooth. The acid can happen from a range of sources—anything from stomach acid to the food we consume.

When dentists note baby teeth erosion, it’s usually a result of letting children go to bed with a bottle of juice or milk and not brushing their teeth after they finish their drink.

It’s essential to restrict the amount of juice your child drinks for quite a lot of reasons. Juice, to put it in simple words, is high in natural and artificial sugar. This can lead to cavities. It’s suggested that children’s diet should have a good amount of milk and water.

Tooth erosion can be because of a lack of certain nutrients in your diet. Depending on the age and harshness of the erosion, your dentist would suggest non-invasive treatments. Your child is suffering from baby teeth erosion? It is time to visit your dentist to ensure the permanent teeth below remain strong.


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It’s estimated that suffer from tooth decay because of higher-sugar foods in diets and the use of bottled water that doesn’t contain fluoride. Many cavities are the effect of poor oral hygiene united with high-sugar diets. However, dentists say some children are inclined to have more cavities than others. Children with specific illnesses such as diabetes and asthma, or other unremitting conditions, are more prone to have a cavity than their peers.

It is important to keep in mind that no children are born with bad bacteria in the mouth; rather a parent usually transfers it before the age of two by the transmission of salvia from a parent to the child. This could happen from sharing glasses or spoons with your child. Furthermore, parents pass down the germs and bacteria that lead to tooth decay.

If baby teeth are misplaced ahead of time, the teeth that are left may shift and leave no room for adult teeth to come in. In addition, if tooth perishing is not prevented, it can be expensive to take care of, cause pain, and cause life-threatening contamination. The good news is; tooth decay can be prevented. Consult with your child’s dentist if you see any sign of decay. Furthermore, with the exact care, your child can grow up to have strong teeth for a lifetime of smiles.

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