4 Signs Your Child May Need Braces

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It is important to take your little one for a dental checkup no later than age 7. Your family dentist is a first-rate resource who can tell you whether your child, irrespective of age. One of the easiest ways to understand if your child needs braces is by looking at their smile. If their teeth, to put in simple words, look twisted or if they are overlapping each other, it is possibly time for treatment!
Many children end up getting braces before they reach adulthood. Braces help to rectify overbites and give your child the confident and comfortable smile they enjoy. Whether it is to set the right issues in teeth placement that leads to discomfort; braces can be an uncomplicated way out that helps your child smile brighter.

Knowing the signs that your little one need braces are important. You can accordingly, choose the best age to take them to an orthodontist. Looking to know whether your child needs braces? How do you make out? Understand what signs to search for that indicate your child may need braces.

This write-up intends to explain some warning signs that would help you understand that your child may need braces sooner rather than later. Let’s discuss this.

4 Signs Your Child May Need Braces: Dentist Glendale

1. Thumb Sucking or Mouth Breathing

The act of sucking can lead to several different bad bites for your child’s developing mouth. You need to consult a dentist to get those corrected with orthodontic treatment.

When a child breathes through their mouth habitually, instead of the nose, or by using their mouth and nose interchangeably their tongue sits on the base rather than the roof of their mouth. This refers that the jaw is likely to grow narrower than in children who breathe through their nose. Observing mouth breathing is a good way to understand. This can lead to multiple complications in a child’s developing mouth.

2. Cheek or Roof-of-Mouth Scarring

This is one of the most important symptoms to search for that would point out that your child should be fitted with braces. Scarring on the inner cheeks or else the roof of the mouth is an indication of biting. This is because of the inappropriate alignment of teeth. It can be extremely throbbing, particularly when attempting to eat or talk.
The easiest way out is to fit your child with a set of braces. Orthodontic treatment can make certain that your child doesn’t keep on damaging their sensitive tissue by biting at their cheeks and mouth by mistake.

Make sure to examine your child’s mouth and maintain their oral health and determine if they need braces.

3. Crowded Teeth


Overcrowding in the mouth can at times lead to a mild lisp, impacting a child’s speech development. It is important to fix the overcrowding with braces. This is the best way to stop this process and make sure that your child stays healthy and strong, with a confident and beautiful smile.

4. Speech Difficulties

Even if you notice speech difficulties, consult your dentist. If you discover your child to be slurring their words as they speak, it could be because they don’t have enough room in their mouth. In case, you notice that your little one has a problem pronouncing words; it is likely because of a bad bite. Through braces, your child’s jaw and teeth will be aligned in the perfect position, which will help them speak clearly.

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