Causes of Gaps Between the Teeth

teeth gaps
Do you have a gap in your smile? Don’t be upset. You aren’t alone. Diastema, or spacing between the teeth, is a common dental concern. This can happen in both children and adults. Most instances of Diastema happen between the two front teeth. This accordingly, leaves a gap between the left and right side of the upper arch of teeth. However, gaps can occur anywhere in your smile because of a variety of factors.

This blog intends to explain the causes of gaps between the teeth. Well, there are several reasons why people might have extra space between their teeth.

What Causes Gaps Between Teeth?

A gap between the teeth or diastema is common. For a few, the tissue between their teeth and gums can be slightly generous in size. Besides, gum disease is a serious non-genetic cause of tooth spacing. Most importantly, the gaps can signal that the disease has advanced. Soreness in the gum and bone around the teeth can slacken off your teeth can cause gaps. Well, most serious and chronic gum diseases are at times painless. It may grow without you knowing about it. Accordingly, you need regular check-ups with Glendale Dentist.

Most Common Causes of Gaps in Teeth:

Baby teeth

It is usual and quite common for kids to have gaps between multiple teeth. It is generally because of the small size of baby teeth in comparison to the jaw bone. Your child has not outgrown Diastema even after they have received all of their adult molars. You need to visit a dentist.


Even older adults may grow into it. As we age, our teeth by nature shift. This accordingly, causes gaps or other cosmetic dental issues to happen.

Bad Habits

Thumb-sucking, long-term use of bottles and pacifiers, inappropriate chewing practices, and even irregular swallowing and mouth-breathing can put force on teeth and result in them separating over time.

Missing Tooth

When a tooth is knocked out or pulled, it subsequently opens space on the jaw bone. Finally, surrounding teeth will move into the open space. This will create gaps between teeth. To stop your teeth from shifting and Diastema from taking place, you should always replace missing teeth with a bridge or dental implant.

Large Frenum

Each person has a strip of tissue that attaches the upper lip to the gums. This tissue is called the maxillary labial frenum. At times, the frenum can be too large and grow up between the two front teeth. This can prevent them from closing and creating an opening. Surgery is generally needed before other treatments to do away with the extra tissue.

Gum Disease

As gum disease develops, the gums recede, and your jaw bone starts losing density. Without a supportive base for your teeth to root into, they can be easily moved. Do you have gum disease? Is there something hitting the back of your teeth with your tongue? You may have gaps and other deformities.

Small Teeth or Large Jaw Bone


Is your teeth are too small to fill your jawbone? It can produce extra space and stop your teeth from coming together.

Glendale Gaps Between the Teeth

Fixing a gap in your teeth is simple. There are several ways to close these gaps, depending on your particular needs. Dental Bonding, Orthodontic Braces, Dental Veneers, etc are some of the ways to fix gapped teeth. For a simple and safe solution, reach Smile Makeover of LA. Call 818-578-2334 to book an appointment, with Dr. Sahakyan; your most dependable dentist in Glendale.