Can Orthognathic Surgery Change My Face in a Certain Way?

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Orthognathic surgery or corrective jaw surgery is surgery intended to rectify the conditions of the jaw and lower face related to structure, growth, TMJ disorders, airway issues including sleep apnea, etc.

Why Do Dentists Suggest Jaw Surgery?

Dr. Sahakyan, a Dentist in Glendale suggests jaw surgery if you have a jaw issue.

  • Adjusting your bite
  • Rectifying conditions that influence the symmetry of your face
  • Help ease pain due to (TMJ) disorder
  • Repair an injury
  • Avoid further wear and tear to your teeth
  • Keeping away from activities like biting, swallowing, and chewing easier
  • Addressing breathing problems

How Jaw Surgery Affects Face

Moves and Reshapes Entire Parts of a Patient’s Face

To put it in simple words, the process makes it possible to move and reshape entire parts of a patient’s face. The jaw bone is cut and can be molded and subsequently moved forward or backward, depending on a patient’s specific requirements. It will be fixed in place lastingly. This would give you a completely new look.

At Times, Need Bone is Added from Other Parts of the Body

Often during a chin surgery, bone needs to be taken from the hip, leg, or ribs. Accordingly, grafted onto the existing jaw bone surrounding the chin. Subsequently, it is held in place with temporary wires until the existing bone adheres to the implanted bone. This process can considerably modify the width and/or length of a patient’s chin, adding depth and strength to both the front and profile. This can give the face a more symmetrical and better-proportioned appearance.

Correct a “Gummy Smile”

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The corrective surgery for this moves the jaw backward and considerably modifies the look of the chin, giving it a stronger, more marked look on the face.

Orthognathic Surgery to Rectify an Overbite Attempt

It usually perks up the power of facial features by moving the support structure of the face forward. Your jaw is the groundwork for the build of much of the rest of your face. Besides changing, that foundation has many following structural effects on surrounding areas.

The change in facial features may be dramatic depending on how far backward or forwards your jaw is moved to the extent that your look has changed exclusively. The shape, curve, and placement of your chin, mouth, nose, and upper and lower jaw can be changed based on your medical and cosmetic requirements. This will usually serve to perk up the lines, dimensions, and placement of your facial features.

Jaw surgery is to help readjust or rectify the position of your jaw; your upper jaw, lower jaw, or both.

Multiple Types of Jaw Surgery

There are multiple types of jaw surgery available. Your dentist will work together to plan out a process that addresses your precise condition.

To put it in simple words, jaw surgery is safe. However, there are a few risks as well. Your dentist should make you aware of these before he proceeds.

Cost of Jaw Surgery

The cost of jaw surgery can depend on a number of factors. The dentist you choose and the type of surgery are the primary factors.

Finding The Best Glendale Orthognathic Surgery Clinic

So, you have decided to get the best jaw correction surgery? Make sure that you choose the best orthognathic surgery clinic. Jaw correction surgery is actually a major operation and only the best like Dr. Sahakyan, at Smile Makeover of LA will be able to do it justice. Call 818-578-2334 today!