What To Do If Your Child Has A Cavity?

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Who doesn’t like candies? Everyone binge eats them all the time and it is everyone’s favorite. However, the worst part is that after eating candy, you tend to have an end number of cavities. It won’t be a surprise if you get to know that your child has plenty of cavities. It is seen that even with very strict oral hygiene, children can still have a cavity. Many parents start panicking in the situation and they don’t know what to do.
The first thing that you would need to know is whether the cavity is enough milk tooth or a permanent one. The worst-case scenario is that we leave it for a long period and you do not treat it. Kids tend to have more cavities because of their poor diet and weak oral hygiene conditions. You tend to assume that your child has cavities because he does not brush his teeth. This might be the case but it is also possible through genetics. Several reasons and scenarios start playing in your mind. However, the root cause needs to be found with the help of a proper dentist in Glendale who can help you at all times.

Signs and Symptoms That Your Kid Has a Cavity

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  1. The first sign would be the formation of white spots on the teeth. This is because of calcium loss. Once your cavity starts building up, there is a lot of tooth decay and that area will become brown. These spots become darker in color with time.
  2. Sensitivity is another symptom. If your child is sensitive to sweet food, cold food, and hot items, chances are that she has cavities.
  3. If there is pain in the area, chances are that it is an early sign of cavity formation.

Solutions from Dentist Glendale

Now that you know what the symptoms of tooth decay and cavities are, you definitely want to look for the best solution.

  • The first one would be amalgam fillings. These are silver-colored and are used to treat cavities in kids. They are not very expensive and are very durable. Dental insurance plans also cover them fully. They are faster in their application and you would not have to spend a lot of time in the dentist’s office. You need to take care of the Glendale cavity immediately. This is important to avoid damage to your kid’s oral hygiene.
  • The second one would be composite fillings. These are made up of tooth-colored composite. They are not very durable and are expensive. They are virtually invisible. It is said that they are more expensive than the category mentioned above and are used only in extreme cases. They are more suitable for permanent teeth.

How Can You Prevent All This?

The basic idea for prevention comes when you are taking the right precautions and you believe that prevention is better than cure. You need to go for regular professional cleaning and book appointments with your dentist regularly. Make sure that you do not haunt your child with the thought of having a cavity. Avoiding sugary foods and candies is a great way to fix this mess. Do not hamper your child’s psychology by talking about cavities all the time. They must know that it happens with everyone and can be worked upon.

We Can Help You

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