Quick Straight Teeth in Glendale

invisalignGone are the days when people wouldn’t bother much about their teeth. For, teeth would generally be hidden inside the mouth. However, with growing awareness over one’s “orofacial” (mouth and face structure) appearance, teeth are being given their due importance. Healthy teeth always look beautiful but so do straight and normal-shaped ones.
Some people may have crooked or crowded teeth, some others may have under or overbite problems. It’s all-natural because most such issues could be genetic too. However, the good news is that you needn’t live with these genetic dental appearances for the rest of your life. Nor do you need to depend only on unappealing wired braces as the only means of teeth straightening.
Advancements in dentistry have made quick straight teeth in Glendale a living reality for many. And this is what the dentist at Glendale clinic promises too.

Need for Teeth Straightening

Who doesn’t love a beautiful smile? And your teeth are a major contributor to it. Straight, normal, and healthy teeth and jaw structure make up for a pleasant orofacial appearance too. This is why more and more people are opting for straight teeth treatment options in Glendale.
Your dentist at Smile Makeover of LA dental clinic may recommend getting your teeth straightened if:

  • You have crooked or crowded teeth
  • Do you have overbite or underbite issues
  • Your jaw position is incorrect
  • You have disorders in the jaw joints

All of the above can easily be corrected at our dentist’s office. Our dentist would generally suggest getting teeth straightening done at the earliest. This is because the problems mentioned above may result in several dental problems. Some of these include tooth decay, gum disease, headache, ear pain, or problems in speaking, biting, and chewing.

Options for Teeth Straightening at Glendale


Wired braces aren’t the only option anymore for the straightening of teeth. Modern advancements in dentistry have introduced people to a wide range of smart and nearly invisible brackets. Of course, your dentist at Glendale would be the best person to consult. They’d be able to guide you on the best option in your case.
There are three popular options in brackets at the Glendale clinic.

You may choose from the conventional metal, ceramic, or plastic options, all of which bond to the teeth. Among them, ceramic ones are almost clear and of the same color as the tooth. They’re therefore hardly noticeable on the teeth and are also the most popular.
Besides that, you may also check other teeth straightening options such as lingual or concealed braces. They bond to the back of the teeth. As a result, they are completely out of sight.

Then there is the relatively newer substitute to braces called Invisalign aligners. They’re clear, can be custom-made to size, and are also removable. This helps prevent food trapping – a common problem with metal braces.
Aligners are invisible and, most important, you may detach them during brushing, flossing, and eating. This means better oral hygiene. This also makes them one of the most preferred choices at Glendale for teeth straightening.
You can check with your Glendale dentist about the duration of wearing braces or aligners. Each situation is different and so your dentist may recommend differently. You may also call  Smile Makeover of LA dental clinic in Glendale at 818-578-2334 with any questions regarding teeth straightening.
Take an appointment to visit us personally for an expert consultation. Feel free to get all your queries or doubts on teeth straightening options clarified. The dentist at our clinic would be able to give you the best advice in your case after taking a look at your teeth.