Consequences of Missing Teeth

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Tooth decay or traumas are major causes of tooth loss. Well, there is nothing to panic about. The good news is it can be corrected with restorative options. However, a large number of people give up going for treatment and simply survive the loss. Don’t do this! Ignoring substituting a tooth, could increase the risk of developing more costly problems that may hold up your everyday life.
Are you currently missing any of your teeth? Consider replacing them right away. Still, wondering why? This blog intends to explain the dental consequences associated with not replacing missing teeth.

Dental Effects of Missing a Tooth by Glendale Dentist

Bone Loss

Ignoring replacing a missing tooth (or teeth) is the foremost cause of jaw bone loss. Teeth help to support and stimulate the bone of the jaw. When you have missing teeth, the bone that previously supported them is no longer stimulated. Dental implants include screws that combine with the bone to give maximum strength and support. This process also referred to as osseointegration supports the jaw bone as much as it does the observable crown.

Changes in the Bite

The loss changes the way the upper and lower teeth bite together. Bite changes can lead to TMJ problems. Besides, it may cause gum recession, tooth sensitivity, and cracked teeth. The reason this shifting is injurious to the bite is that teeth endure chewing forces best from an angle that is corresponding to their roots. When the tooth leans, the roots also bend. Subsequently, the biting force is no longer comparable to the root. Biting forces are in nature heavy in order to chew food. Giving a heavy force onto a tooth at an improper angle is dreadful.

Increased Risk for Gum Recession

Gum recession majorly occurs on the side of teeth facing the blank space. The existence of a tooth helps to uphold the height of gum tissue between the teeth. If a tooth is missing, the gum lacks pressure from adjacent teeth and gradually recedes down the root.

Insufficient Chewing Force

Regrettably, people are much more prone to eliminate a back tooth as it does not have an effect on the appearance of the smile. The trouble with that frame of mind is that it negates the significance of the back in your capacity to chew. Molars have big, broad chewing surfaces made to grind food. To put it in simple words, this is an important first step in the course of digestion. Missing even one molar causes a severe cutback in the effectiveness of chewing.

Higher Risk for Cracked Teeth

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When you lose a tooth the shifting and bite changes. This may lead to an increased risk of cracked teeth. Over again, the teeth can endure the heavy forces of chewing when those forces punch the teeth at the right angle. When bite forces hit a tooth at an improper angle, the tooth is liable to get cracked under the pressure.

Speech Issues

Teeth play a significant function in speech. Missing teeth can make it hard to utter certain words. You may experience whistling, slurring, or even spitting when speaking.

Glendale Missing Teeth Treatment

You can stay away from the consequences of tooth loss by replacing the missing tooth at your earliest. How? The answer is simple. Just visit Smile Makeover of LA. Call 818-578-2334 to book an appointment, with Dr. Sahakyan; your most dependable dentist in Glendale. We have multiple different options for tooth replacement. Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant always perks up your oral health. Call us today to schedule a consultation. We are here to answer any of your questions about tooth loss