Time to Straighten Your Teeth: 10 Health Dangers of Having an Unaligned Smile

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Dealing with twisted teeth can make you feel awkward. If you have an unaligned smile, the issue is not how you look, but also what you experience. There are several other health-related problems; if you have crooked teeth.

Crooked Teeth Are Bad for Your Health by Glendale Dentist

Twisted teeth can also obstruct proper chewing, which may lead to digestion problems. Besides, it can also cause excessive wear and tear on the gums, teeth, and jaw muscles, resulting in cracked teeth, jaw strain, TMJ disorder, and continual headaches. Most importantly, crooked teeth offer more places for plaque to hide from view and get missed when brushing. Plaque upsurge can result in cavities, gum puffiness, bleeding, and eventually, gum disease. Let’s study.

  • More Prone to Gum Disease

If you have crooked teeth, there is a high chance of gum disease since it’s not that easy to clean between your teeth. As plaque builds up in between teeth, it causes unsafe bacteria to increase. When your teeth are crooked, there’s more chance for bacteria to breed and plaque to build up.

  • Teeth Wear Out Faster

When your bottom teeth are crowded, one or more of them could stick out and pat against your upper teeth. Even if you don’t have much problem with it at the present, this problem can cause excess wear of your enamel after a while.

  • Difficult to Keep Your Teeth Clean

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Flossing gets difficult. Besides, it’s even more difficult to get it between those tight spaces. The same thing applies to your toothbrush. Subsequently, you face a tough time keeping your oral hygiene in check.

  • Tough To Chew

For many people, their teeth are crooked due to a misaligned jaw. As soon as this occurs, the upper and lower teeth may stick out, which causes them to rub together and make chewing difficult. In case, you face problems in chewing your food thoroughly, you could end up dealing with digestion issues.

  • Bad Breath is Common

Crooked teeth tend to dock bacteria. It’s no surprise that you may end up with bad breath. It can be difficult to get all of those bacteria out from between your teeth, so your breath ends up stinking not-so-pleasant.

  • An Increased Risk of Broken Teeth

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It puts surplus strain on the jaw, your jaw muscles, and the teeth when your teeth are crooked. If your jaw is persistently stressed, there’s no doubt that you’ll feel it in time.

  • Don’t Forget the Psychological Effects

Your smile does not play a big role in how you look, but as well, in how you feel. People with stunning smiles have a tendency to smile more. To put it in simple words, it lowers anxiety levels. It affects your mental health.

  • Heart Problems

Having crooked teeth could do more than just have an effect on your self-esteem because of bad breath. The damaging bacteria in your mouth have a severe negative effect on heart health.

  • Frequent Headaches

Whether it’s from the stress on your jaw muscles or your teeth just rubbing together on a regular basis, twisted teeth can put in regular, sore headaches.

  • TMJ

If you have an unaligned smile, you could finish up suffering from TMJ disorder. This exceedingly hurting jaw disorder can lead to countless painful symptoms like soreness in your face, neck, and shoulders besides recurrent jaw popping and locking.

Time to Straighten Your Teeth by Dentist Glendale

So, now you know about the health risks that curved teeth can bring. Subsequently, you must be looking for treatments to fix it. Whether it’s a painful jaw and headaches or fewer smiles, you should be able to enjoy the benefits of a straight smile. Visit Smile Makeover of LA and book an appointment with Dr. Sahakyan. Call 818-578-2334 today!