How Can Crooked Teeth Impact Your Health?

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Crooked teeth do not only spoil your smile. Most importantly, it can critically have an effect on your health. The reality is, having crooked teeth is not just a circumstance of abridged aesthetics. Besides they are also harder to clean! A rise of bacteria and plaque in the mouth can cause cavities or tooth decay. Most importantly, it causes inflammation of the gums. When there is tooth decay and gum disease, this can add to the possibility of diseases such as diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.

Many people have crooked teeth. There are multiple reasons why people get crooked teeth. Toddlers commonly develop their baby teeth and permanent teeth in a crooked way. At times their teeth become crooked as they grow. This habitually tends to happen whenever there is no room for teeth to breed. The teeth are usually too small to bulk up the gum space in the mouth or the jaw is too small for the teeth.

Causes of Crooked Teeth by Dentist Glendale

Poor Dental Care

If you ignore taking good care of your teeth at home or miss visiting the dentist regularly problems like cavities and gum disease are left to worsen. When this happens, it can lead to uneven teeth and even more critical dental health problems.

Facial Injury

Facial injuries knock teeth out and shift them out of place.

Congenital Abnormalities

If you are born with congenitally missing teeth, it will create spaces in between them. As time passes, these spaces can push the neighboring teeth to shift, because there will be little to no support from the nearby teeth.

Wondering if crooked teeth can leave an impact on your health? This blog intends to explain how crooked teeth can impact your health. Let’s discuss this.

Crooked Teeth Impact Your Health

Damages Self-Esteem

Studies have specified that a better-looking smile adds to your self-esteem. This can lower stress and perk up cognitive ability. Having crooked teeth may lessen your confidence.

Causes Gum Disease

Developing periodontal, or gum, infection is a familiar outcome of crooked teeth. Gum disease builds up when bacteria in our mouth form plaque. The trouble is highlighted when your gums don’t fit steadily around your teeth, leaving more room for bacteria to breed.

Creates Difficulty in Cleaning Teeth

It gets difficult for toothbrush bristles and floss to reach the nooks and crannies between crooked teeth, which can cause bacteria growth.

Increases Risk of Tooth Injuries

Protruding upper teeth are more prone to break off or crack in an accident.

Creates Tooth Wear

Crowded bottom teeth frequently cause one or more teeth to stick out, which can wipe against your upper teeth. After a while, this can cause unnecessary wear of tooth enamel.

Creates Chewing Difficulties

Sticking out upper and lower teeth may rub together in a manner that prevents normal jaw position, making it hard to chew.

Causes Bad Breath

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Crooked teeth do not only look bad, but they can also smell even worse. Bad breath is normally caused by persistent mouth bacteria.

Decreases Overall Health

Few people understand that dental issues can badly affect more than just their oral health. To put it in simple words, oral infections caused by bacteria build-up may cause more serious ailments, including stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and pneumonia.

Why Us for Glendale Crooked Teeth?

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