Why Are Some People Born Without Wisdom Teeth?

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Teeth undeniably play a significant role in our everyday lives. However, there comes a time in most of our lives, generally around the late teens or early twenties, when the third molars finally appear. Habitually, wisdom teeth deletion soon follows. However, some lucky patients, don’t have to bother about oral surgery. Either they have a jaw that is big enough for them to grow in easily or their wisdom teeth never come out. Looking to learn why some people are born without wisdom teeth?

This blog intends to explain the same; read on. Let’s begin with what are wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Teeth: What Is It?

To put it in simple words, wisdom teeth don’t make you smarter. They got their name when they build up, generally on the cusp of adulthood. Wisdom teeth are the third and final molars to come out of the mouth.

When Do Wisdom Teeth Come in?

Wisdom teeth come out at different ages. Normally, you can look ahead to your third molars to come in around your late teens or early adult years. Simply put, between the ages of 17 and 21. On the other hand, some people get their wisdom teeth in advance, and some people get them later.

Looking to remove your wisdom teeth? Well, it’s easier to do so when you’re
younger. It is not that you cannot plan surgery later in life, but when you’re young, the bones around your gums are softer. Accordingly, it’s easier to take out these teeth. If you wait until later, taking away can be hard and more hurtful.

Some People Born Without Wisdom Teeth: Why?

Not everyone has to face the hassle of wisdom teeth. Some people aren’t born with a complete set. Studies have shown that around a third of people are born without any. While some people may have teeth, they never see them coming out. Wondering why so? For that, you can express gratitude for growth. Wisdom teeth or vestigial structures are parts of our body, such as the tailbone, that once had a use but no longer do in our current lives. Wisdom teeth served a purpose long when we foraged for foods like raw meats and twigs and hard-hitting. Since we no longer need that added grinding power, our bodies have gone forward away from them. Our jawbones have reduced in size as well. Accordingly, wisdom teeth are prone to the problem, and in most instances need to be detached soon after they emerge.

Should People be Concerned If They Don’t Have Wisdom Teeth?

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Not at all. The missing wisdom tooth is regular these days. Besides, wisdom teeth are the most usually missing teeth in the mouth. At times, you would notice that either one of your parents or both or even your grandparents might have been missing these teeth. The missing wisdom teeth do not hold back our effectiveness in chewing. It is a lucky thing as this means you have less chance to have problems that need supplementary treatment.

Well, there are many without wisdom teeth. You’re lucky enough to be without third molars. To put it in simple words, you can stay away from the elimination of these teeth. If you have wisdom teeth, but they’re not bothering you, continue regular Glendale Dentist visits every 6 months. Your Dentist Glendale will keep a close eye on these budding teeth and then advise removal when it’s appropriate.

Glendale Wisdom Teeth Treatment

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