Diabetes and Dental Health: Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy

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When you are suffering from Diabetes, you tend to face a lot of complications. These happen in most of your body parts, which include teeth, gum, and mouth. This is something that nobody likes to listen to. Prevention always becomes necessary for you. You should learn how to fight diseases like Diabetes. Subsequently, you must know to handle the side effects it has on your teeth.
It doesn’t matter what type of Diabetes you have; managing blood sugar levels in your body correctly is the key to controlling all sorts of disorders as stated by our Glendale dentists. The higher the amount of sugar level you have, the higher the risk. Here are some dental diseases that happen due to high sugar levels:

Tooth Decay or Cavities

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As you would be aware, there are many kinds of bacteria present in your mouth. When the amount of starches or sugar levels in foods or beverages that you are consuming gets in touch with the bacteria in your mouth, plaque forms on your teeth. These plaque forms go out of control if you have Diabetes. The acid contents in plaque will attack the teeth’s surfaces, causing cavities and other gum diseases. Our dentist in Glendale will help you in determining the cause of the disease and assist you in controlling such factors.


Diabetes can reduce the capability of your immune system to fight against any odds and diseases. If you are working towards removing plaque from your mouth by regularly brushing or flossing your teeth, then you might face a lot of difficulties to control such diseases that can lead to Gingivitis. It usually hardens the region below your gumline which is called tartar or dental calculus.
The more extended amount of time this plaque or tartar stays on your teeth, the higher the possibility that these can irritate the regions of your gums that are surrounding the base of the teeth. This base region is known as gingiva. Within no time, the gums will become swollen and start to bleed quite easily, causing gingivitis diseases.


People who are suffering from severe Diabetes are more likely to create thrush, which is a kind of fungal infection that is caused by the yeast Candida albicans. Painful patches that might be red or white are the common symptoms that will help you in determining whether you are suffering from Thrush disease or not. Our dentists who are well-versed in these symptoms can help you in treating the disease.

How Our Dentists in Glendale Help You Treat These Diseases?

To assist you in preventing severe damage to your gums or teeth, we are offering Glendale Dental Health services within your locality. Here are some of the best things that will help you understand why you should get in touch with us right now:

We Commit to Control Your Diabetes

Dentists at Smile Makeover of LA are not only experts in managing your teeth disorders exceptionally, but they are also experts in controlling your diabetes and the sugar level present in your body. They will give you instructions and medications that you need to follow thoroughly and appropriately. Also, our Glendale Dentists will help you in treating disorders that might have been caused by Diabetes.

We Advise You in the Right Way

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Dr. Sahakyan, the best dentist in Glendale, will make a list of things that you must follow in the right direction. The dentist will give you a list of medications that you will have to take as per the mentioned schedule. Also, they will help you learn some instant remedies that might help you in reducing the pain. However, dentists always insist that you must visit them in case you are experiencing any pain.

To Summarize

Do not let Diabetes damage your tooth and give you more problems. Be more careful with your teeth and gums. Prevention is the best option for patients with Diabetes. For more information, you can call Smile Makeover of LA at 1-818-578-2324 today and request an appointment.