7 Health Problems Your Glendale Dentist Can Spot

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Do you have a cavity problem? Are you looking for a dentist near Glendale, CA? It’s time for you to get in touch with us. Our dentists have the right expertise and skill to identify what is the exact issue and what is the cause of it.
We understand that no one likes to hear any bad news from their dentists related to teeth disorders. It’s quite demotivating for you when you get some bad news from them as you are taking good care of your teeth. However, better dental health is the reflection of having better health overall – and the habits that you follow to take better care of your teeth, which will reflect as to how well you are taking care of your overall health. That’s precisely why our dentists help you in identifying the rest problems that you are facing on your whole body.
Our dentists at Smile Makeover LA ensure that you deal with all the complications you are facing by helping in identifying the below:


This periodical loss of function is frequently signaled by many confusions, memory loss, disorganization, and then an unhealthy mouth, which is caused by this kind of disease. People who are suffering from early dementia will show the symptoms of poor oral health, as stated by our dentists. They make sure to identify all the risk factors that are associated with dementia and mitigate them in the early stages themselves.

Heart Issues

Do you know if you have bad oral health, it also might lead to severe heart disease? If not, then it’s high time for you to start researching this. Our dentist in Glendale will help you in understanding the links that are between your oral health and your heart. They will give you a brief explanation of the procedures that you need to follow to control such risks. Inflamed gums and loss of teeth are a few warnings of determining whether you are suffering from any heart disease or not.


dental problems

Our Glendale dentists have studied numerous cases to determine that the universal condition for a disease like diabetes is poor dental health. Gum diseases, loss of teeth, and bleeding gums are a few symptoms that state that you have diabetes. Infections in the gum lines worsen day by day if it’s not treated at the right time. Therefore, to control the risks, we recommend you visit us immediately.


Osteoporosis is a disease that is determined when your bones start to weaken. It’s quite common during the post-menopausal state of women when they begin experiencing such issues. Our dentists will help you in determining the cause of thinning bones when you pay a visit to us. It is a disease that doesn’t cause any significant changes in your teeth; however, it weakens the bones of the teeth that hold it.

Eating Disorders

People who are suffering from anorexia hide their present condition of eating disorders; however, our dentists have the right skills to determine it in one go. Poor nutrition is the leading cause of such diseases.

Nighttime Refluxes

Erosion in the enamel that is present in the teeth is an indication that you might have a disease named Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or GERD. It usually happens during the night time; however, you will generally be not aware of such conditions.

Dry Mouth

Well, if you are thinking that having a dry mouth is not a big deal, then you might be wrong. Having a dry mouth means your mouth is not producing the required amount of saliva that helps in washing away the harmful bacteria and debris, which are a leading cause for causing cavities or any other gum diseases.
Therefore, it’s a must that you visit our dentists once every month to make sure that your overall health, including oral, is intact and everything is running smoothly.
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