How One Lost Tooth Can Destroy the Whole Mouth

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As people say, one rotten apple spoils the whole basket. It’s more or less similar to how a single tooth loss can have major implications on the whole mouth. Therefore, Dr. Sahakyan, the expert dentist in Glendale, recommends you should replace a lost tooth in time.
Let’s explore how the loss of a tooth can be disadvantageous to the entire mouth in the long run.

Effects of Tooth Loss on the Whole Mouth

  • Disturbs the jaw bone and gum – A single chipped or broken tooth disturbs the chemistry between the rest of the teeth and the tooth bone. They tend to lose sync with each other because of the lost tooth in between. This leads to the shrinking of the jaw bone and weakening of surrounding teeth until their final fall. Moreover, teeth in the jaw opposite to the one where the tooth is missing may start growing into the gap. These changes lead to more tooth loss if the lost tooth is not replaced.
  • Changes the way you look – Missing tooth has a considerable impact on your overall appearance and personality. This may happen at any age as well. Missing teeth, coupled with a shrunk jawbone, can make you look older and wrinkly. Besides that, your cheeks would also look hollow and saggy.
  • Food impaction – Food lodging in between the tooth spaces is what we say impaction. As more spaces emerge because of neighboring teeth shifting from their original positions, food particles find more room to stick to. This may lead to plaque buildup, cavity, destruction of gum and bone area, or even gum disease.
  • Chewing issues – In case of loss of a tooth, we naturally tend to use the remaining set of teeth for chewing purposes. This means that you end up chewing with teeth that are smaller and not meant to bear molars’ chewing capacity. This may cause difficulty in chewing and even deficiency of certain vital nutrients.
  • Root exposure – A tissue that is generally more sensitive than enamel covers the tooth root. With the tooth falling off its position, the root tissue comes out in the open. This may be evident in tooth sensitivity during hot and cold food intakes. Even cavity formation becomes higher because of the exposure.
  • Tooth fracture – Sometimes, a missing tooth may cause asymmetrical bite teeth. Now, just a few teeth are left to bear the biting forces, something, which all teeth should equally share. Such overburden of forces may stimulate tooth chipping or even fracture. Besides that, if the fracture reaches the surface of the root, it’s difficult to save the tooth from loss.

Possible Solution to Save All Teeth

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Dental implants are perhaps the best option to avail here. Glendale dentist Dr. Sahakyan is an expert in carrying out effective implants of 1 or multiple teeth. Talk to him about your needs and situation and allow him to guide you on the best move forward.
Dental implants or artificial replacement teeth are generally easy to maintain and cost-effective too. Dental bridges are another method. Though more advanced dental implant technology substitutes it nowadays. This is because the latter offers a more permanent solution for long-lasting results.


Dental implants are fast becoming popular. Get more information about them at the Glendale dentist office, Smile Makeover of LA. If you have lost just one tooth, you should replace it in time before it starts ruining the entire basket. Remember every tooth counts. Even if it was the one at the back of the mouth, it still had an important role to play.
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