Does Lost Tooth Enamel Grow Back?

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Enamel, to put it in simple words, is a material that forms a coating over the outer surface of teeth. It defends the inner tissues from damage and infection. Most importantly, left-behind food particles can feed acid-producing bacteria in the mouth. Acid can decay the enamel layer on your teeth, leading to cavities and decay.

As acid chomps your tooth enamel away, your teeth can look yellow. Enamel is semi-transparent, and a yellow substance called “dentin” becomes noticeable, as the enamel coat gets thinner. If the enamel gets too thin to defend your teeth, they will decay.

Ways to Prevent Enamel Loss: Dentist Glendale

Enamel erosion is the outcome of physical weakening that happens when your tooth is left uncovered to acids, bacterial plaque, and certain foods on a regular basis. Luckily, you can stay away from enamel loss. Wondering how? The answer is simple; through good oral hygiene and a balanced diet.

  • Physically Removing Bacterial Plaque
  • Fluoride
  • Your Diet

Can You Rebuild Tooth Enamel: Glendale Dentist

Your body can’t substitute tooth enamel, like skin or fingernails for instance, since the enamel is not living tissue. But you can strengthen existing enamel by a process called “mineralization“. Besides, if your teeth are very decomposed because of extreme loss of enamel, Dr. Sahakyan your Glendale Dentist may offer you an intervention known as “plastification”. The process involves wrapping your teeth in a thin layer of customized hydroxyapatite as a substitute for your natural enamel. It is not an everlasting way out and may be costly. Lastly, with no dependable way to reinstate lost enamel, protecting tooth enamel is the best policy.

Glendale Lost Tooth Enamel

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If you have any uncertainty about the situation of your teeth or gums, consult a dentist at your earliest. Following good dental hygiene is the best way to safeguard the tooth enamel you already have and avoid tooth decay and gum disease.

A dentist would always recommend you brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Besides using an antiseptic mouthwash to exterminate unwanted bacteria. Most importantly, floss between the gaps to keep your teeth and gums strong.

To put it in simple words, keeping your mouth hygienic between meals is the only way to enjoy good oral hygiene. Well, it is always advised to stop eating refined sugars and acidic foods. That means staying away from candy, pre-packaged and processed food, cake, fast food, and sugar or sweeteners in your coffee and tea.

Replace and Regrow Tooth Enamel Naturally

Dentists are undeniably working hard to find a way to put back lost tooth enamel, it may be many more years prior to they find out a practical and reasonably priced solution. Accordingly, it’s better to take care of your teeth well before you experience problems. It’s never too late to start. A visit to your dentist is the best first step.

Talk To Your Dentist

You should set up an appointment with your dentist at least once every six months. The dentist can examine and find out early signs of decay or gum disease. Besides they will also clean and polish your teeth, clean off and fill any existing cavities, and suggest best health practices for you going forward.

If you’re at high risk for decay or enamel erosion, you must be looking for a dependable dentist. Look no further. If you are in the Glendale area and are looking for a dentist reach us at Smile Makeover of LA. Call on 818-578-2334 to book an appointment right away!