Does Your Child Have a Double Row of “Shark Teeth”?

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As you look inside your child’s mouth and notice something that looks a bit off; you get panic. Did you notice a double row of teeth in the front of their mouth? No need to worry! This is actually not a dental emergency and is very regular among 5-7-year-old patients. In the dental world it is referred to as “ectopic eruption” and happens when a permanent tooth comes in behind the baby tooth prior to the falling out of the baby tooth. This normally happens occurs in the lower front teeth, which are also the teeth that generally fall out first.

Shark Teeth: Should You Worry?

In general, the permanent teeth break up the roots of the baby teeth as they bunch up. However, at times due to crowding or abnormal positioning, the permanent teeth are forced to go off at the rear of the baby teeth. More often than not an ectopic outbreak will resolve on its own without having to pull out any baby teeth. The baby teeth habitually become loose enough in due course so kids can extract their own teeth and then the permanent teeth will move forward into place because of the pressure from the tongue.

Wondering to know if your child’s shark teeth are cause for concern? Ask yourself three questions. Let’s discuss this. If your little one in that tooth loss time frame? Did the baby tooth start to twist? Are you more bothered by the situation than your kid?

When Are Shark Teeth a Real Cause for Distress: Dentist Glendale

There are cases when a “shark tooth” is a good reason for a dental visit. Consider three things … time, position, and uneasiness.

If the baby tooth doesn’t twist and just won’t budge within two months, it’s time to book an appointment at Smile Makeover of LA. with Dr. Sahakyan. Accordingly, the dentist can help that little guy along. Even then if your child’s other teeth have been stubborn about coming loose in the past, this one might just follow suit.


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Are your child’s shark teeth coming in at the back of the molars? This might lead to crowding issues. Besides, if your little one hasn’t seen a dentist up till now, this might be the time. Speak to your dentist about this right away!


If your child is experiencing pain or discomfort because of the shark it’s a good idea to give your dentist a call. Our experienced dentist would either give advice on foods that often help this wiggly tooth, over-the-counter pain medications to ease pain and soreness, or just set up an appointment to examine the situation. Our dentists are happy to help when it comes to our patients and their discomforts.

Glendale Shark Teeth: Talk To Your Dentist

If you are in the Glendale area and see a double row of teeth in your child and the baby teeth aren’t loose, we suggest calling us at Smile Makeover of LA. We work with children of all ages for the detection and treatment of early dental issues. Our dentist will go for an evaluation and suggest a possible correction of this issue. Call us at 818-578-2334 for an appointment. Hand over your child’s oral health in the hands of Dr. Sahakyan, the most reputed Glendale dentist. We are committed to giving strong teeth and healthy gums to kids of all ages.