Can Missing Teeth Change My Facial Shape or Make Me Look Aged?

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If you have a lot of lost teeth for a long time, the entire shape of the lower half of your face may change. The dwindling jawbones can make your face appear shorter than it should be. A shrinking lower jawbone can as well lead the bone to rotate forward. The lips can also transform since they no longer have support. Loss of shape can make the face look recessed or hallowed.
We always look for ways to reverse signs of early aging. We try to stay out of the sun, use several facial moisturizers, and eat a balanced diet to cut wrinkles. But have you ever well-thought-out that your misplaced teeth could be causing signs of aging?

Misplaced Teeth Can Make You Look Older: Dentist Glendale

The aging facial look is a lesser-known problem that people ponder about when they misplace their teeth.
Indications of untimely aging because of tooth loss include the following facial profile changes:

Facial Angles

When we misplace teeth, we also lose the height of the jawbone. This subsequently, lowers the facial height as well. Transformation in angulation can change face shape and make noses look larger.

Facial Wrinkles

Facial angulation changes can cause increased vertical lines that make us appear older than we actually are.

Bite Changes

Tooth loss leads to changes in how teeth come together. A decline in the bite can create a harsher facial appearance as the corners of our mouth lose shape.

Frown Appearance

Losing the shape around mouth corners can make you look doomed or even irritated without knowing it.

Chin rotation

Bite deterioration can lead to a forward move in the chin that creates a pointed-looking appearance.

Cheek Jowls

When some of the jawbones are misplaced, it leads muscle ligaments to deteriorate, which allows for the drooping of facial tissue.

Thinning Lips

Without teeth to back the appearance of full lips, they can look thin. In addition, deteriorated muscles around the mouth with misplaced teeth can make lips look longer, which makes us look aged.

Prevent Premature Aging by Replacing Missing Teeth: Dentist Glendale


While tooth substitution choices have been available for a long time, old-style replacement options like partials and dentures do not address lost jawbones. While dentures substitute the noticeable part of the missing tooth, they do not substitute the roots that are within the jawbone. That means that dentures cannot avert further bone loss even though they replace the appearance of missing teeth.
Luckily, a replacement possibility called a dental implant is available that not only substitutes missing teeth but also lost jawbone support as well. Dental implants essentially act like tooth roots as they fit in with the jawbone to permit full bone support just like your own teeth. Once the implant is placed, your dentist places a crown over it, which then replaces the tooth root and visible missing tooth.

Glendale Missing Teeth

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