What Happens If I Don’t Replace a Missing Tooth?

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Losing a tooth is very common. Middle-aged and elderly people face this issue the most. But, that does not mean the younger generation do not face any dental issue. Bad food habits, and not cleaning their teeth properly can cause dental problems among them too. Now, after losing a tooth people often hesitate to smile as they become more cautious about their appearance. But a missing tooth is not about how you look only, it can cause a lot of oral health complications.

Normally, our teeth are bound by jawbone tissue, gums, tooth roots, and other teeth. If you lose a tooth and don’t replace it on time, then it will slowly affect other teeth. So, dentists would always recommend you replace or restore missing teeth on time to maintain good oral health. At Smile Makeover of LA, you can contact our experienced Dentist Glendale Dr. Sahakyan. Call us at 818-578-2334.
Now let’s discuss the consequences that we may face with missing teeth.

Issues that We Face with Missing Teeth:

  • Bacterial Infection and Gum Disease

A couple of reasons for which we lose our teeth are bacterial infection and gum disease. Most importantly, if we show reluctance, then these issues can escalate and will create sensitivity issues and subsequently damage more teeth.

  • Teeth Alignment Problem

A missing tooth issue will distort the overall teeth alignment and increase gaps between teeth. When we have our food, we need to bite and chew them properly. It will be difficult to have our food properly with misaligned teeth. Besides, it can cause a lot of pain as well. Thus, maintaining a healthy diet can become difficult.

  • Damage to Gum and Jawbones

Missing teeth can actually cause a lot of damage to the gum and jawbone. We need to maintain the proper placement of tooth roots. If you lose a tooth and delay fixing it, then the facial structure can get damaged to a great extent. For example, you may have sunken cheeks. With a damaged jaw and facial structure, we may face problems in wearing dentures too.

  • Affects Personality and Hampers Confidence

As mentioned earlier, a lot of people hesitate to smile with missing teeth as they become very cautious about their looks. They feel low in confidence as well.

  • The Process of Cleaning the Teeth Becomes Harder

Gaps and bad teeth alignment make it more difficult for us to use the toothbrush properly. This causes more damage to other teeth also.

The Social Problem!

dental implant

Unlike a lot of other health issues, unfortunately, we keep dental problems in low priority. This is very common in human nature. We have a tendency to keep the issue aside and continue doing other tasks in our lives. We basically ignore this issue completely until and unless things deteriorate a lot. Unnecessary delays will escalate these dental issues very quickly. The sooner you consult, the lower will be the risk factor. To fix the issue we can opt for a dental implant program.
To go through a dental implant process, one may need to check the exact dental condition. Most importantly, may need to go through stress tests, and body check-ups for a smoother experience. The overall implant process normally takes one month to two months.

If you are looking for Glendale missing tooth service in La you can book a prior appointment to consult our expert dentist Dr. Sahakyan at 818-578-2334. At our clinic, we fully ensure a hundred percent restoration for your missing teeth and other dental issues that you may face.

Have healthy teeth, and enjoy a healthy life!