How Orthodontic Braces Can Shift Your Teeth to a New Position?


Nor blessed with properly aligned teeth? There is nothing to worry about crooked teeth. All that you need to do is get in touch with one of the best dentists. He will check the overall position of the teeth. Based on the observation he will decide about the treatment that needs to be given.

Do You Know That Braces Can Make Your Teeth Move?

You must be aware that in the case of uneven teeth dentist will recommend Glendale Orthodontic Brace. These braces will help to move the teeth. We are sure you want to know how these braces can help your teeth to move. There are small ligaments that connect the teeth to the bone. Due to these ligaments, a little movement of the teeth is possible. With the help of braces, pressure is applied to the teeth. This will help the teeth to relocate to the new position. Of course, this requires a lot of expertise and only the best dentist can guide you with the same.

Understanding the Working of the Braces:

Now the basic idea is to shift the teeth. For this pressure has to be applied to the teeth. For this first of all brackets are placed on the teeth. These are then attached with the help of wires. In the beginning, the wires are light. Later on, as time passes, they become heavy. These wires will apply pressure in the required position. This in turn will force the teeth to shift. One needs to remember that continuous pressure has to be applied to the teeth. Only the teeth will quickly move to the right position.

Here Is What the Patient Needs to Remember after Wearing Braces:

The Dentist in Glendale will provide the right treatment and will also give instructions to the patient. But there are some important things that the patient also needs to know when he starts using braces. Initially, the patient may not feel very comfortable with the braces. But over a while, the patient will get used to the braces.

The Precautions That the Patient Needs to Take After Wearing Braces:


The most important thing is that the patient has to follow the instructions of the dentist strictly. For the pain in the initial stages, the dentist may prescribe some pain relievers that the patient can take.

The instructions about food that the Glendale Dentist has given have to be followed by the patient strictly. One must ideally eat soft food. One must avoid hard foods like candies, chewy foods, tough meat, nuts, ice, etc. The patient also needs to focus on oral hygiene. He has to make sure that bacteria and plaque do not build up in the teeth. For this brushing the teeth twice a day and flossing regularly is very important.

In case of a lot of Discomfort, Connect with the Dentist on Priority:

As mentioned earlier there is bound to be some discomfort initially. However, if the discomfort continues for a long time or if there is a lot of pain then connect with the dentist at the earliest. He will check the reasons for the same and will help in treating the issue as a priority.

You do not have to make any compromises with your smile due to crooked teeth. You can have that perfect smile with the help of braces. Call 818-578-2334 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sahakyan; Smile Makeover of LA today to discuss your options.