When to Get Braces for Kids? Why Orthodontists Are Encouraging Early Action?

dental careWhen a child has crooked teeth, the first thought that comes to the mind of parents is to get braces for the kid. However, the confusion that parents have is what is the right age for braces. In earlier times, parents used to get braces when the child was in his teens. However, this scenario is changing now.

So, What Is the Correct Age for Braces?

These days dentists do not want the child to wait for braces till he becomes a teenager. According to Glendale Dentist, it is better to start the treatment on young patients. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends 7 years as the correct age when the patient can start treatment.

Understand Why Orthodontist Is Recommending Early Action:

If action is taken at an early age then the orthodontist gets more time to take action to avoid the misalignment. The dentist can help in proper tooth and jaw development in the case of young children.

Parents need to understand that braces are not just a means to make the teeth straight. If you use braces in the case of young children then these braces can help in creating space so that adult teeth can grow properly. Due to this, it may become possible to avoid straightening treatments in the long run.

Braces May Not be Needed in the case of All Kids:

It is not that all the kids with alignment issues will need Glendale Braces for kids. The orthodontist will do a thorough examination of the child. He will check the irregularities in the case of teeth development in the child. Based on the observations the dentist will decide whether the child will need immediate treatment. In some cases, the dentist may ask the parents to wait for some time before they can start the treatment.

Here Are the Steps for Getting the Braces:


The dentist will first thoroughly examine the face, mouth, and teeth. Molds of the teeth will be made by the dentist. All these observations will be used by the dentist to decide exactly how the braces have to be fitted. In the next sitting, the dentist will clean the teeth well. Then the teeth will be dried properly. This is to make sure that the metal will adhere to the teeth properly.
Next, the brackets will be attached to the teeth with the help of bonding glue. Once this process is completed then the wires will be attached. Parents and kids need not worry much as getting the braces is not a very painful process but yes, it will take around two hours for the process to get completed.

Precautions and Proper Maintenance of the Braces Are a Must:

Once your child gets the braces then the Dentist in Glendale will give a set of instructions. Make sure that your child follows these instructions properly. In the first few days, the child may experience pain and soreness. The orthodontist may recommend some painkillers. He will also insist that the child must be given soft food for a few days. Avoid giving hard food. In addition, oral hygiene is a must. Proper brushing and flossing of teeth are very important. You have to take care that no plaque and bacteria accumulate in the mouth.

Smile Makeover of LA recommends early action when it comes to braces for kids. Therefore, if your child seems to have misaligned teeth then visit Glendale Dentist at the earliest. Call on 818-578-2334 today to book your appointment. Meet Dr. Sahakyan today!