Proper Care for Dentures


Dentures are artificial replacements for some or all of your missing teeth. We may start losing teeth as we age. However, sometimes it may happen because of an accident or injury to the mouth, resulting in the loss of a tooth. In this case, partial or fully removable dentures can help.
Just like natural teeth, dentures do need proper care. It’s very important to keep them clean because you place them in your mouth. Any formation of plaque on the dentures would contribute to bad oral hygiene. This includes bad breath or even oral infections and diseases. Additionally, taking good care of your dentures means that they fit better and last longer.
Visit your dentist in Glendale at Smile Makeover of LA to know more about how to take good care of dentures. Here are a few tips from our dentists to keep your dentures in good shape.

How to Ensure Proper Care for Dentures

  • Remove Dentures After Meals: Dentures are detachable and therefore you should remove them after you complete eating. Rinse them well with water to clear off any food lodged inside them.
  • Handle With Care: Dentures are artificially created pieces and you need to handle them with utmost care. Make sure you don’t drop them while washing them after meals to prevent them from breaking. Most importantly, make sure that the plastic or the clasps don’t bend or get damaged during cleaning.
  • Rinse Your Mouth Well: After removing the denture, you should rinse your mouth well with water. Gently brush the natural teeth around the denture with a soft-bristled brush or gauze. Besides that, also clean your tongue, cheeks, and palate. If you use any denture adhesive, make sure to remove it also from the gums while cleaning.
  • Brush Daily: Just like your natural teeth, you need to brush your dentures too at least once daily. Ask your Glendale dentist, to guide you on some good denture cleansers. Keep your dentures soaked for a while and then brush them with a soft brush and cleanser. Don’t use the denture cleanser inside the mouth. Always remove the dentures and then cleanse them.
  • Soak them Overnight: Most kinds of dentures need to be soaked in water overnight to let them stay moist. This is important to keep them in good shape and prevent loosening.
  • Rinse Them Well Before Placing them Back In The Mouth: If you use a dental-cleansing solution, rinse the denture with water thoroughly before putting it back in the mouth. These solutions have chemicals that might cause harm.
  • Visit The Dentist Regularly: When using dentures, it’s important to schedule regular dental checkups with your Glendale dentist. Our expert denture dentists would advise you on how to maintain the dentures. Moreover, in case of any complaints, they would be able to offer timely advice.

Things to Avoid When Using Dentures

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Ask the best dentist in Glendale for more advice on the things that should not be used on your dentures. Some of these are –

  1. Abrasive Dental Cleaning Materials – This includes a hard-bristle toothbrush or very strong dental cleaning solution and toothpaste. These may damage your dentures.
  2. Teeth Whitening Toothpastes – Such toothpaste generally do not work on changing the color of the dentures. They only succeed in whitening natural teeth. Besides that, the chemical contained in the – hydrogen peroxide – may damage dentures.
  3. Hot Water – Using boiling water overdentures may loosen their fit.

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