What Is Temporary Tooth Filling and Why You Need One?

teeth enamelTaking into view the unhealthy lifestyles we follow today, cavities and tooth decay have become common occurrences. The good news, however, is that these problems can be taken care of well in time. The easiest and most common solution to the pain that arises because of the dental cavity is temporary tooth filling. Your dentist at Glendale can help you know more about it and also explain why you need one.

What Is Temporary Tooth Filling?

As the name suggests, this type of filling is temporary. Your Glendale dentist would generally recommend getting one because a permanent crown cap for the decayed tooth would take time. It’s a soft material that your dentist would place to cover the area affected by the cavity and seal it through. Once this is done, you’d stop feeling sensitivity or pain upon biting or eating.

Why Do You Need a Temporary Filling in Glendale?

Sometimes if the cavity has set in deep, your dentist would need time to work on the affected tooth. In this case, they might need to fit a crown or silver cap over the tooth to restore it. This may take time because a crown or cap of your tooth size would need to be prepared at the lab.

Until this happens, it’s also important to relieve you of the pain or sensitivity you might be feeling too hot/cold food. Besides that, your dentist in Glendale would need to ensure that the exposed area is fully covered to avoid infection. A temporary filling can help achieve this at the earliest.

Most importantly, a temporary dental filling is necessary because it helps restore the tooth damaged by decay. In several cases, the filling can help restore the tooth to its normal functioning and even avert further decay. You may speak to the team at Glendale for temporary filling details and whether you need one.

Taking Care of Your Temporary Tooth Filling


As mentioned, a temporary filling is a stopgap arrangement by your dentist until they can find a permanent restorative solution. Therefore, it’s important to take good care of it because it may come off too. Until your Glendale dentist can get a crown cap for you, take good care of your dental filling. This is how:

  • Chew with care – The most common occurrence of a filling coming off is during the chewing of food. You might want to take care of it at the time. Always chew on the opposite side of the mouth where the filling has been done. Your dentist at the Glendale office may also suggest the same to you during the procedure.
  • Brush and floss gently – Avoid exerting pressure during brushing and flossing that particular area of the mouth. Most important, you may want to buy an extremely soft-bristled toothbrush for this time to feel comfortable.
  • Keep a watch for unusual sensations – These may include sensitivity to eating or drinking hot or cold food, gum inflammation, incessant pain, and the like. As soon as you notice any such signs, get in touch with the dental team at Glendale clinic at the earliest. Your dentist might re-examine the tooth to check if the filling has come off. They may also prescribe a further course of action.

The expert team of dentists at Smile Makeover of LA clinic in Glendale performs temporary tooth fillings. Our team is highly knowledgeable in handling all dental problems and offers appropriate guidance to patients. If you wish to avail of our specialized services, you may call Dr. Sahakyan to book an appointment at 818-578-2332. Visit him for consultation on the best option in your case.