What Are Black Triangles Between Your Teeth?

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Who doesn’t like a stunning smile? However, many dental problems can have an effect on your beautiful smile. Wondering what? Black triangle teeth are one of them. Having black triangle teeth, or ‘open gingival embrasures’, basically means that there are spaces between the teeth and the gum line which shows as a triangle breach between teeth. Regrettably, they can draw unwanted attention when an individual is smiling. To put it in simple words, they happen as we age. Besides, they occur more commonly in those with gum/periodontal disease and in smokers.

Black triangle teeth make an individual look older. Besides, they also serve as food traps and can produce tartar, plaque, and stains. This can potentially cause gum disease and tooth decay. These triangles can often influence your speech or result in some patients ‘spitting,’ when talking. Now you must be wondering to know what this black triangle tooth is.

This blog intends to explain what this black triangle tooth is, its causes, and ways to prevent it.

Causes of Teeth

  • The recession of gums due to gum disease (dental hygiene habits)
  • The slump of gums due to thin tissue biotype
  • Orthodontic movement of teeth
  • Natural shape and position of teeth

How to Prevent a Triangle Gap between Teeth

We at Smile Makeover of LA can help trim down the chances of black triangle teeth by carrying out good oral hygiene. Using a soft small brush head and softly massaging the teeth and gums is recommended by Dr. Sahakyan; your most trustworthy dentist in Glendale. Daily cleaning as instructed by the dentist can help you to stay away from developing a triangle gap between teeth. A regular dental check-up in our clinic will allow the dentist to pick up on these triangles early on.

How to Fix Glendale Black Triangles

There are quite a few options available to chuck out the black triangles between teeth. Dr. Sahakyan would recommend the best possible treatment depending on the reason and severity of the gaps. Let’s discuss some of the standard treatments used to fix the gaps.

Treatment Options


Proper Dental Hygiene

The best way to put off black triangles from forming between your teeth is to properly look after your teeth and gums. Brush twice a day, floss once daily, and visit your dentist for checkups habitually.

Composite Resin

This is a non-surgical process. Some people prefer to have their gaps filled with composite resin bonding. The dentist might accordingly recommend using pink resin or a tooth-colored resin to fill the triangles between your teeth.


A cement ceramic or porcelain veneer is one of the chosen treatments to fill up gaps. At times applying veneers includes modifying your natural tooth’s surface. Accordingly, the veneer and tooth shape a strong bond.



If black triangles developed between your teeth because of the process that affected your teeth, you might be able to fill the gaps by moving teeth collectively with braces.

Additionally, with the progress of medical science, there’s a new process to take care of the black triangles.

Hyaluronic acid Treatment

In some cases, your dentist in Glendale can advise regenerating gum tissue with injections of hyaluronic acid. It is less painful, quickly recovers, and hence is preferred by patients.

At Smile Makeover of LA, we offer all types of dental services. If you or your loved one is facing the problem of the black triangle or any other dental issue, call 818-578-2334 to book an appointment. We assure you of the best quality dental services.