What Causes White Spots on Teeth?

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Worried about those tiny white spots on your teeth? Well, you aren’t alone. To put it in simple words, white spots on your teeth are a type of acute discoloration identified as decalcification. Sounds a bit scary? Don’t panic! It’s in reality a familiar cosmetic dental problem. Moreover, most people will experience this at some point in their life.

Causes of White Spots on Teeth by Dentist Glendale

White spots on teeth can occur to anyone. These spots are caused by the process of decalcification. Decalcification or demineralization, do bacteria create a practice where imperative minerals like calcium and phosphorus are detached from the structure of your teeth because of acids. All through this process, bacteria dissolve tooth enamel. Subsequently, it leaves you with unnecessary, chalky white spots that can come out permanently on your teeth.

Bacteria Overgrowth

To put it in simple words, bacteria love to grow on teeth. Cavity-causing bacteria mostly love to breed in the high-acid environment those results from eating. Poor brushing technique allows the bacteria to boom. Furthermore, braces and other glued-in dental appliances can make it harder to brush well. It’s imperative to be cautious about brushing well. Most importantly, when wearing braces, to keep cavity-causing bacteria from stripping minerals far off from teeth, causing white spots that by far step forward to fill cavities.

Too Much Fluoride

Exposing your mouth to surplus fluoride can result in white spots developing on your teeth. Dentists also refer to them as fluorosis, and it usually occurs in children when their teeth and tooth enamel are still forming. To put it in simple words, between the ages of one and eight years old. The outcome of fluorosis is enamel hypoplasia. It is a defect of tooth enamel that only occurs while teeth are still developing. However, a child with enamel hypoplasia may have enduring, discolored teeth with white spots or deep grooves. Subsequently, common causes of this include swallowing fluoride toothpaste, drinking too much-fluoridated water, and taking certain medications.

Nutritional Deficits

The nutritional deficit in your diet can cause white spots to appear on your teeth. This is particularly true if your diet lacks foods containing calcium. Simply put, calcium is the foundation of teeth. When our teeth don’t get the required calcium, they don’t have the nutrients wanted to build strong, healthy tooth enamel. Furthermore, foods like cheese, almonds, and leafy greens are rich in calcium and can help you build tooth enamel.

Some Medicines

Unluckily, some medicines cause white spots on tooth enamel. That’s one reason why a few antibiotics are not approved for use in children. If you are pregnant, don’t forget to mention that information to a doctor prescribing medication for you. If you do end up with white spots after medical treatment, see your Glendale
Dentist immediately.

Smoking…While Pregnant

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Smoking tobacco during pregnancy can be the reason for white spots appearing on your child’s teeth. However, this happens because tobacco smoking during pregnancy can speed up and promote the process of enamel hypoplasia.

High Fevers

High fever can often result in a dread white spot on a tooth. This is linked to the loss of minerals in that area. If you have a high fever during permanent tooth development, it can contribute to contemporaneous hypoplasia. So, encourage proper hygiene in your children. Even a mild swipe with the toothbrush and plain water can help rehydrate a dry mouth. It can remove plaque acids as well.

Smile Makeover of LA for Glendale White Spots

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