What Does Smoking Do to Your Teeth?

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When you smoke your teeth get exposed to both tobacco and nicotine. Accordingly, stained, yellow teeth and bad breath are expected. In addition, the more you smoke, the more it has an effect on your sense of taste.

We all know that smoking wreaks disorder on our health. Unhappily, the longer you keep on smoking, the more damage you’re likely to impose. That doesn’t indicate there’s no way to impede the damage and even undo some of the impact tobacco can have on your mouth, though.

How Does Smoking Affect Your Teeth?

To put it in simple words, smokers have three to six times more chances to develop gum disease which can bother roots and lead teeth to fall out. Even smokeless tobacco products can bother gum tissue, causing gums to untie around teeth, making it easier for bacteria to build up and develop decay.
If you are wondering to know if smoking can damage your gums or teeth; let’s discuss.

Can Smoking Damage Your Teeth or Gums?

If you give up smoking it will definitely benefit your oral health. This is because it lessens the possibility of developing gum disease. Gum disease is an infection that affects the gum line. It builds up when tartar and bacteria gather below or above the gums, resulting in irritation. The problem is linked to smoking since people who smoke have the propensity to have more tartar on their teeth than non-smokers. The nicotine in tobacco cuts down saliva production, making it easier for tarter and bacteria to stock up in the mouth.

How Smoking Affects Your Teeth and Oral Cavity: Dentist Glendale

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There are a number of ways that smoking can influence your oral health. Let’s talk about a few.

Bad breath, stained teeth, loss of smell & taste

Smoking can sear your sense of smell and taste, at the same time cigarette tar can discolor your teeth, stain your tongue, and cause halitosis.

Weakened Immune System

The immune system of smokers is weak leading to destabilized defenses against oral diseases and longer healing from dental surgical procedures.

Gum and Periodontal Disease

If you smoke, you are twice as likely to experience gum disease.

Tooth Decay & Loss

Smoking supports bacteria, plaque, and tartar upsurge
leading to cavities, decomposition, and tooth loss.

Mouth Sores & Ulcers

These general oral health issues are much more common in smokers.

Oral Cancer

Contact with unsafe chemicals found in cigarettes, cigars, and smokeless tobacco leads to mutations in the healthy cells of your mouth and throat.

This may increase the risk of developing oral cancer — possibly the most severe and challenging to treat.

Gum Recession

Smokers who build up gum disease experience receding gums that expose the margins of their crowns. This may make oral hygiene more difficult. At times this may change the aesthetic look of their crowns.

To put it in simple words, smoking can have a negative impact on your oral health, raising your risk for gum disease, bad breath, tooth loss, and oral cancer. The best gift you can give your teeth is to discontinue smoking.

Why Choose Us for Glendale Smoking Treatment?

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