What You Need to Know About Lingual Braces


Dental braces have become extremely popular over the years. These are tools used for restructuring teeth and are mainly used to straighten them. Braces also are useful in reducing minor gaps between teeth. Moreover, braces are widely used and trusted. These are useful both for kids and adults and can fix complex teeth alignment issues. Braces can be traditional and lingual. In this topic, our focus will be on lingual braces. For Glendale lingual braces, contact our expert dentist at Smile Makeover of L.A.
Now, both traditional and lingual braces are made of metal wires. Furthermore, braces have brackets and elastics to push the teeth strongly for making them straighter. But, there are differences between them as well. Before we proceed further, let us see what lingual braces are.

What Are Lingual Braces?

As we already mentioned, lingual braces are tools to make our teeth straight. But unlike traditional braces, lingual braces are placed behind teeth. These braces were invented in the 1970s. Furthermore, these were created while keeping the cosmetic aspect in mind. To explain further, these braces remain invisible to other people as they are placed behind the teeth. So the patients and especially the adults do not feel shy wearing lingual braces. Patients wear these braces mainly to fix teeth alignment problems caused by crossbite and overbite disorders. Now, what are these bite disorders? Let us know more about these dental issues.

What Are Crossbite an Overbite?

Crossbite and overbite are type of dental malocclusions. These are major teeth alignment disorders and both these malocclusions create a huge gap between both the layers of teeth. Where crossbite issue forces the top layer of teeth to fit behind the bottom layer, overbite causes the top layer of the teeth to fit away from the bottom layer. Both these dental problems are painful as well. Lingual braces target fixing these disorders by making teeth shaped perfectly.
Lingual braces have other advantages as well.

Advantages of Lingual Braces:

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  • Lingual braces are invisible as they fit behind the teeth. Because of this, the patients feel less embarrassed wearing these tools.
  • Lingual braces are fully customised based on the individual tooth’s shape and size.
  • Lingual braces are perfect for patients who want hidden braces but are allergic to Invisalign made of plastic.
  • These braces work consistently as they are fixed and cannot be removed by patients.
  • Prevents tongue and lips from accidental bites due to teeth misalignment.
  • Cure speech disorders by fixing teeth alignment and reducing gaps between teeth.
  • Now, there is no doubt that lingual braces are useful but a patient must also take care of a few things to achieve better results with these braces.

Things to consider while wearing lingual braces:

  • One must take care while cleaning his/her teeth. A patient should use a soft toothbrush for cleaning teeth and must brush them gently to avoid complications.
  • Use medicated dental products as prescribed by a dentist to get better results.
  • Eat soft food to protect the braces and teeth during treatment.
  • The patients must brush their teeth twice a day minimum. If possible they should brush every time they have a meal.

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