Why Do Your Teeth Look Translucent? 3 Possible Causes And Treatments

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Your teeth are looking transparent or translucent around the edges? Undeniably, you must be getting concerned. Translucent or transparent teeth can turn out even if you follow the best oral hygiene routine and visit your dentist regularly. Learning what causes translucent or transparent teeth can help you avoid this dental issue before it commences.

What Causes Translucent Teeth

To put it in simple words, translucent teeth happen because of eroded enamel. Certain medical conditions can influence the development and the potency of the enamel. This results in the transparent look of your smile. Let us discuss the conditions:

Enamel Hypoplasia: This is in fact a genetic condition. To put it in simple words, it causes chalky, weak, or thin enamel, which results in a translucent look. Regrettably, the enamel that is present erodes fast. In atypical incidents, a tooth will form with no enamel whatsoever and the dentin will be fully exposed.

Celiac Disease: While many suppose that celiac disease only has an effect on the gastrointestinal tract from gluten consumption, this is incorrect. Celiac disease too results in poor enamel development. Furthermore, individuals who have this infection recurrently go through banding, pitting, or translucent portions of teeth. Other oral indications include frequent dry mouth, canker sores, and a red, shiny tongue.

Bulimia: This eating disorder affects body image. This comes with self-purging; like vomiting. Teeth that are persistently open to stomach acid and bile that is there in vomit can be the reason for the damage to the tooth enamel.

Symptoms For Translucent Teeth

Sensitivity: Sensitivity to sweet and acidic foods. Besides you experience sensitivity as you sip or have something extremely hot and cold temperatures. Well, these are signs that your enamel is eroding.

Visual Changes: You will notice transparency at the biting edges of the teeth, color changes, surface indentions, and tooth fractures. Besides, the biting edges of the teeth may also begin to become uneven.

Canker Sores: Frequent canker sores can happen because of the same acid that is wearing your enamel. Furthermore, jagged teeth edges may also cause canker sores.

Dry Mouth: Dry mouth may occur if acids erode your enamel. This is unfavorable to the health of your teeth as saliva is responsible for providing enzymes designed to fight cavities. In absence of an adequate amount of saliva, your teeth are at a much higher risk of erosion from acidic foods and bacteria.

Treating Translucent Teeth with Dentist Glendale


Your teeth are becoming translucent or transparent? You should seek treatment immediately. It is more prone to bacteria, once you have transparent teeth. This may subsequently result in cavities. If it is about treating translucent teeth, you have a few choices.


A veneer is a hard porcelain shell. It is designed to sit over the front of a tooth. These shells effortlessly conceal distorted teeth, gaps, and discoloration. Besides, Veneers will also shield the teeth underneath from continuous enamel erosion.


During this process, the composite resin is colored to match your teeth. Subsequently, the composite resin is molded and shaped to cover your teeth.


Your Glendale Dentist may recommend shielding and restoring a tooth. Dental crowns can be either ceramic or porcelain. It can fit directly over the top of a tooth, providing strength.

Enamel Remineralization

This is a natural repair process for tooth enamel. It involves filling teeth with a blend of sodium-calcium phosphate, fluoride, and Recaldent.

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